Save TSA Titty-Twister Yukari Miyamae (Via-Facebook); Sexual Assault Suspect Compared to Rosa Parks

Yukari Miyamae. Hero?
A campaign is underway via-Facebook to raise money to fund the defense of a Colorado woman -- lauded as a hero by many, and a villain by five -- who gave a Transportation Safety Administration agent a titty-twister at Sky Harbor International Airport last week and has since been charged with sexual assault.

Read our story about how the tables have turned for the TSA here.

Since 61-year-old Yukari Miyamae's Thursday arrest -- after "squeezing and twisting" a female TSA agent's breast, according to court documents obtained by New Times -- a Facebook page titled "Acquit Yukari Mihamae" (court docs have the woman's name spelled "Miyamae") has been created with the goal of bringing awareness to her case and hopefully raise money to fund her legal defense.

So far, the page has 736 "fans."

In contrast, another page has emerged titled "Convict Yukari Mihamae." That page as a total of five "fans."

On the "Acquit" page, fans have dubbed Miyamae as "the 21st century Rosa Parks."

Other "fans" went a different direction.

"That sounds like some of the best girl on girl action I've heard of in a long time," writes Jonathan Mollet, an architecture student at North Dakota State University.

Visit the "Acquit Yukari Mihamae" Facebook page here.
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Poor Me, Another!
Poor Me, Another!

She is apparently a crazy bitch, that has a drinking problem and a boob fetish. I say roast her stupid ass.

Short Term Memory Lapse!
Short Term Memory Lapse!

Hey D-Bags that think that pushing back on TSA is cool, Did you forget 911? I want the peace of knowing that every idiot fucktard that gets on a plane has  been correctly screened so my kid makes it to Disneyland in one piece and that his last memory wont be of "Im going to die in a plane crash." 

Poe Lou Chan
Poe Lou Chan

I wouldn't worry about a plane crash. Cheer up, I'm sure the last delightful memories you will have before passing on will be of Disneyland.

Mike Vollmer
Mike Vollmer

Glad to see that people are finally providing some active resistance to TSA's abusive behavior.

Unless TSA cleans up its act (which seems unlikely) this is probably just the beginning.

Mike, Executive DirectorTravel Undergroundhttp://www.travelunderground.o...

Poe Lou Chan
Poe Lou Chan

Convict Yakari Mihamae Page: 8 fansActive Members: 4To convict: 2To acquit: 2

Poe Lou Chan
Poe Lou Chan

Not sure if there are even five fans on "Convict Yukari Mihamae" as a few are there to debate ... and they had to fan the page to do that. 

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