Glendale Woman Leaves Infant With Heroin Addict After Vodka-Fueled Joyride, Cops Say

Sarah Exley
​On the list of people not to leave your 2-month-old with, a heroin addict ranks high.

Sarah Exley of Gendale deemed otherwise, police say, and left her daughter in the care of a drug buddy while she went to "get money" from someone else.

On Monday at about 11:15 p.m. Exley was questioned by Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies near a Circle K in the 1600 block of West Baseline Road. They asked the 19-year-old if she knew the whereabouts of her 2-month-old daughter.

With bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, and the smell of booze on her breath, explained how she'd met a guy named Omar a week ago at a bus station, and that she couldn't remember his last name.

Her infant was with Omar, she told police, sleeping the back of her car in the Circle K parking lot.

The deputies found Omar Villalba sitting in the driver's seat of Exley's car surrounded by open containers of alcohol, a marijuana cigarette, and a used syringe. He reportedly told the deputies that Exley had left to "get money" from an unknown man, court records state.

Exley admitted she knew that Villalba had used heroin earlier that day. The two had been drinking vodka before taking a joyride with her little girl in the backseat -- she claimed to "know it was a bad idea."

After blowing a .078 BAC, Exley was cuffed and arrested on suspicion of child abuse, criminal negligence, possession of drug paraphernalia, open container in a passenger compartment, and being under 21 with alcohol in her bloodstream.

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Take the child away ASAP!!!


Dip shit  she let a heroin drug user mined her baby/ HOW DUMB CAN YOU BE? No boo hoo tears. I hope C.PS/ removes the baby from young mother for now that would be best.


Poor child. I can see the promise of a life that might have been in here pretty eyes. But, alas, so many white girls today have allowed their "friends" to take them down the road taken, instead of the road not taken. She might have written a brilliant treatise on Mathematics. I mean a real Math book. Yes, what might have been. She might have become someone of substance, instead of someone that consumed substance and ended up with the likes of "Omar". It's the drugs that come in from old Mexico, the complacency of ignorant and stupid whites, trying to catch the chimera of a happy life based on endless materialism, and other misguided wastes of time that resulted in no one caring about her. A sad end indeed, for yet another one of the people whos ancestors created modern America. C'est La Vie.


Not quite clear to you is it? No surprise.

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