Prince Fielder Bomb During Home-Run Derby Nearly Leads to Idiot Falling From Bleachers

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New York Daily News
Shannon Stone died Thursday after falling from the bleachers while trying to catch a ball at a Texas Rangers game. A Kingman man nearly suffered the same fate during last night's Home-Run Derby.
Yesterday was the memorial service for Shannon Stone, a Texas father who died last week after falling from the stands at a Texas Rangers game while trying to catch a ball thrown into the crowd.

Yesterday was also the Home-Run Derby portion of Major League Baseball's All-Star Game, and a Kingman man apparently didn't learn the tragic lesson all fans should have learned after watching Stone tumble off the bleachers.

Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder hit a towering shot into the right-field bleachers -- where Keith Carmickle was sitting with some friends.

The group reportedly had already caught several balls during the Derby, but Carmickle apparently wanted one more -- the Fielder jack that was out of reach.

Standing on a metal table, Carmickle tried to catch Fielder's home run, which didn't quite make it over the railing 20 feet above the pool deck in Chase Field's right field bleachers. Trying to catch the ball, his momentum carried him over the railing where he would have tumbled 20 feet to what arguably would have been a face full of concrete and his possible death.

All for a freakin' baseball.

Luckily, Carmickle's friends managed to grab him by the legs and pull him to safety.

See photos taken by Arizona Republic photog Michael Chow below.

Again, all for a freakin' baseball.

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Don't stress. It's just another way that Mother Nature weeds out the dumb ones.

Call it evolution in action. 


Have they learned their lesson yet?  Time will tell.  This guy, Keith from Kingman, is soembarrassed with the media showing tweets calling him an idiot, etc, that he refused togo on camera today but told them that he is not attending the game tonight as planned.

Simple Observation
Simple Observation

The firefighter father that went too far ... that was a horrible accident.

The dude last night standing on the shelf/tray of the railing trying to catch is third/fourth baseball ... that was nature attempting to take its course and reduce stupid from the gene pool.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

His family might have been able to sell that baseball for $10 or so... and use it toward his funeral expenses. He was clearly thinking of his family...

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