Power Restored for 150,000 Mesa, Apache Junction Residents After Salt River Project Transformer Fire

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After yesterday's equipment failure, Salt River Project officials say power is back on for nearly 150,000 Mesa and Apache Junction residents and businesses left sweltering in extreme summer heat.

The power outage was caused when an SRP transformer caught fire yesterday about 11:45 a.m.

Mesa fire crews were able to control the flames within a few hours, but tens of thousands of residents were left in the dark as SRP tried to transfer power from other areas.

Power wasn't completely restored until about 11:30 p.m. last night, SRP officials tell New Times.

"We got people's power rolling back on throughout the evening," SRP spokesman Jeff Lane says. "A lot of customers were certainly upset, but we had crews working all night long to get customers back on and to stabilize the situation."

An emergency shelter was set up at the Mesa Convention Center to help those who needed a reprieve from the heat. Area hospitals were forced to rely on backup generators for hours until the power was fully restored.

Bags of ice were delivered to Mesa and Apache Junction Fry's grocery stores and handed out to residents for free.

The cause of the fire is still unknown, but SRP officials are launching an investigation. They hope to find answers within the next few weeks.

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Steve e. mesa
Steve e. mesa

I found SRP's handling of this situation questionable at best.  When the fire first broke out its represenatives advised that no outages would result. I wound up with no power until 10 Pm at night.  After falling asleep I receive a phone message from SRP advising of a power outage and no estimated repair at 11PM.  At 3Pm they advised power would be restored by 8PM.  If SRP has no backup plans in place and can't reroute what will happen in a real emergency situation.  There is obviously either no backups in place or they don't want to spend money on purchasing power from other outlets. If their representatives would have been truthful I could have stayed in the Chandler area and avoided sitting in a home in sweltering heat. 

Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

You're right Steve, they should tailor each individual call to every know-it-all in their service area because someone like you who knows absolutely nothing about the electric utility business needs to be kept informed on a minute by minute basis.  Buying more power when a transformer is down is like shitting in a clogged toilet...it can't go anywhere.    You can't reroute power when the delivery system is down...it's like rerouting traffic to a street that's closed.   Where are you rerouting it without putting more people out of power Steve?   How many customers does a substation provide power to Steve?    How much load can one transformer deal with Steve?     How quickly can you work without jeopardizing the safety of linemen Steve?    How much primary do you need to deactivate in each direction in order to change out one transformer Steve?   How long does it take to bring the system back up to full power after a transformer and hundreds of feet of primary and secondary wire is replaced after being damaged Steve?    Shut your mouth and enjoy your air conditioning.    Dozens of lineman put their lives at risk everyday for loud mouths like you.    You might be thankful instead of telling us all how much you don't know.


you have to give SRP credit. This is a massive grid with massive demand, and from what I understand, those transformers can take months to manufacture just one. It is amazing that they can keep the electricity flowing through the massive demands in the summer, and a transformer outage of that size can be restored within 12-18 hours. I used to get pissed during outages, but now I am older and understand what it entails. Thanks for all you guys do SRP!!!!  

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