Three Men Claim to be Cops -- Then Rob Phoenix Home at Gunpoint

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The robbery took place on the 2200 block of East Virginia Avenue.
Yelling "Police!" and banking on the element of surprise, three men kicked down the door of a Phoenix home early this morning, robbing the family inside at gunpoint.


According to police, three Hispanic men rolled up to the East Virginia Avenue residence in a 1990s Ford Thunderbird about 4:15 a.m. Wearing bandannas and masks over their faces, the robbers claimed to be police before kicking in the front door.

"We know guys who pretend to be cops," Phoenix Police Sergeant Tommy Thompson tells New Times. "They actually dress up like cops. But some others just want to catch people off guard."

The three men, each wielding a handgun, screamed at the family -- a couple in their 20s and their 7-year-old son -- to get on the ground as they stole electronics, jewelry, and money from the house, according to police.

The men also took the family's silver, 2005 Chevy Tahoe -- license plate number 712 TXD -- after leaving the home.

While all three of the men were packing heat, no one was hurt. The family called the cops shortly after the robbers drove away.

"Yea, no one was injured," Thompson says. "But trust me, when someone points a gun at you, that's all you need to be kept captive."

Police say anyone with information about the robbery should call Silent Witness at 1-800-WITNESS. dele

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Joel Z Williams
Joel Z Williams

police should have little trouble solving this one. almost all home invasion type robberies involve someone known to the victims (usually through criminal activity). plus the electronics and jewelry will eventually find its way to a pawn shop where it can be traced back. fortunate that nobody got hurt.  

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