Jonathan Meadows -- and His X-Rated Offer to a 16-Year-Old Girl

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Jonathan Meadows
Jonathan Meadows could use a little work on his pickup lines. For starters, he shouldn't use them on 16-year-old girls. Secondly, should the girl ignore his offer of money for sex, trying to convince her to stick around while he "jack[s] off" could be a bit of a turn off.

That, however, is what police say happened Wednesday afternoon.

Meadows, who lives in Surprise with his girlfriend and her two children, was driving along East Taylor Street in Phoenix Wednesday afternoon when he passed a young girl.

The girl, 16, was walking home when she noticed Meadows following her in his car. Unsettled, she called her dad on her cell phone.

That's when Meadows made her an offer: "can I pay you to eat your pussy," Meadows asked the girl as he pulled up to her in his car.

The girl ignored his offer and kept walking down the street, phone still in her hand, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

But the 35-year-old Meadows didn't let up.

"I want you to stay here while I jack off," he told the girl as he pulled alongside her a second time.

The 16-year-old hurried home, just five houses away, where her father was waiting in the front yard. Meadows continued to drive down the street, passing her house.

The girl and her father got into their car and drove after Meadows, then called the cops.

Meadows was taken into custody, at which point he admitted to following the 16-year-old girl and saying "inappropriate things." He refused to go into specifics.

He then tried to validate his actions by telling police he thought the girl was 18 and that he "liked how she looked."

Meadows was booked on one count of luring a minor for sexual exploit -- a class three felony -- and is being held in the 4th Avenue Jail.

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KEYWORD:  If he has a girlfriend at home, he should have took himself home.  

Johnny Skee Mask
Johnny Skee Mask

Was she wearing a skimpy outfit that day? You know--very tight short shorts and possibly a spagetti tee. It can be a distraction to some men without some form of self-control, self-decipline.


he probably a nerd thats why he looking for little girls


what does that matter ...a grown man should not be approaching girls in there car


b.s. keep it in your pants there is plenty of WOMEN giving it away for free


what a little bitch!  he was even offering her money!  There is no excuse why she shouldn't have accepted.

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