New Times Speaks with 12 News about Kidnap Stats Feature Story

​Check us out on 12 News' Lunchcast, with Brahm Resnik, talking about: "The Numbers Game," our main feature story in this week's New Times. 

And read the New Times story that Resnik had us on to talk about. It's about Phoenix police Sergeant Phil Roberts -- the man behind allegations that Phoenix intentionally inflated kidnapping stats to get federal funding -- and his troubling contradictions.

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Why does the Village voice have their dick up in the air over this issue? Why the strident tone, the endless regurgitation of essentially the same story?

"The Village Voice Media was sued in September 2010 by a 15-year-oldsex trafficking victim (identified in court papers as "M.A") forallegedly aiding and abetting forced prostitution and the exploitationof children and child pornography by failing to investigate theprostitution ads on is owned by Village Voice Media. The lawsuit states that the teenager was forced to prostitute by anadult, Latasha Jewell McFarland. McFarland pleaded guilty to postingads that featured the girl's photo and advertised her for sex services on lawsuit also alleges that "had a strong suspicion" of illegal activity on the website."

Why does the Phoenix New Times have a dog in the fight?

"Since being acquired by New Times Media in 2005, the publication's keypersonnel have changed and the content has become increasinglymainstream. The Voice is now managed by two journalists from Phoenix, Arizona. Some New York media critics perceive a loss of the paper's original iconoclastic, bohemian spirit."

Hey, Lacey-

Is it time for a remedial course in Ethics for Journalists? 

Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

Well aren't you the one horse rodeo.    Who called you up and told you to start this witch hunt?     This doesn't seem like news reporting to me.    It's more like marching orders from up high.    You know, the same ones that pull your puppet strings.     Try being a little more subtle.      I know you're eager to show what you learned at Misdirection and Propaganda School this week but tone it down or people will get suspicious.

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