Murdered Felines: Police Investigate Poisoning of Several Cats in North Peoria Neighborhood

Peoria Animal Control Officers are investigating the poisoning of at least three -- perhaps as many as seven -- cats.

Jay Davies, a spokesman for the Peoria Police Department, said that such cases are unusual and that the individual(s) responsible face animal cruelty charges.

Animal Control officers were out this afternoon knocking on doors and searching for clues in a north Peoria neighborhood near 87th Drive, north of Bell Road.

Police say it all started on June 17 when Peoria Animal Control officers were called out to a home in the area. A short-haired cat was found dead and another on the verge of death. The kitties had blood coming from their mouths, but no other signs of injury.
The homeowner told officers that she found one sick cat and two dead ones on her property the day before. The remains of the animals couldn't be tested -- she'd bagged them and put them out for garbage pickup.

While the animal cops were in the area on June 17, another neighbor flagged them down to report another sick, bloody-mouthed cat.

The sick cats were were taken to an emergency animal clinic and euthanized.

Four days later, another cat in the same area was also found bleeding from its mouth. It, too, was euthanized.

Lab tests confirmed that the cats were poisoned, although cops are not yet releasing what the type of poison used.

Anyone with information about the cat killers should call the Peoria Police tip line at 623-773-7045.

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Native Guns
Native Guns

It could be the workings of a Satanic Cult. They start with the animals.


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I'm not supporting poisoning cats but something really needs to be done about all the strays. Managed colonies are supposedly the best solution but that doesn't stop the damage they do. My convertible top os torn up from the cats, they crap where ever they can scratch up some dirt, one keeps coming in my house through the doggy door.

Johnny Skee Mask
Johnny Skee Mask

Sounds like a serial kitty killer on the loose. I wonder if PETA will offer up an award? Someone could use a little bit of ca$h and come forward.


"they crap where ever they can scratch up some dirt"

Sounds like a republican cat to me.

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