Morning Poll: Is ASU One of the "Douchiest Colleges" in America

If you got to Arizona State University or University of Phoenix, you probably are, according to Buzfeed.
GQ recently released its guide to our nation's "Ivoriest Towers of douchery": its list of the "douchiest" colleges in the country.

Unlike the magazine's 2009 "Douchiest Colleges" rankings, neither Arizona State University or University of Phoenix On-line made the cut -- likely because the magazine has since switched from a top 25 format to a top 10.

Buzzfeed, however, made its own list in response to what it feels are some inaccuracies on GQ's douchiness rankings. On that list, ASU ranks fifth as far as collegiate douchebags go.

See Buzzfeed's complete list here.

We're not entirely sure what criteria Buzzfeed used to determine the douchiest colleges in America, but we don't necessarily disagree with the, um, honor.

We want to know what you think, though: is ASU one of the douchiest colleges in America?

Cast your vote below.

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Institute of Hair Restoration
Institute of Hair Restoration

I don't have high school seniros yet but when I do I would be thrilled if they choose some of these schools. I would also like to point out that what college my children attend it not up to me. I'm not paying for it so I don't really care.

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