Morning Poll: Do All-Star Events Need a "Facelift?"

Phoenix survived Major League Baseball's All-Star Game, but not everyone's satisfied with the level of entertainment provided by baseball's best.

Arizona Republic columnist Paola Boivin is among those not thrilled with the festivities.

Boivin penned a column arguing that All-Star festivities need a "facelift," claiming the events surrounding the game are "fun but flawed."

We'd have to agree -- but Boivin's remedies suck.

For example, Boivin wants to go back to making the game completely worthless by taking home field advantage in the World Series away from the league that wins the game.

Another solution Boivin claims would add some excitement to the Midsummer Classic is moving the game to Wednesday, arguing that having pitchers not allowed to play because of the league's Sunday starter rule into the game would add some excitement.

We don't want pitchers, we want hitters.

Boivin also wants to shorten the Home Run Derby -- arguably the All-Star Game's most entertaining event. She thinks three hours is too long to watch the best hitters in the league crush balls out of the park.

Some adjustments need to be made, in our humble opinion, but Boivin's suggestions suck.

We want to know what you think, though: does the All-Star Game need a "facelift?"

Cast your vote below.

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What makes the Home Run Derby worth watching is the realization that many of the best hitters in the game, with friends or relatives lobbing easy pitches to them, hit the ball out of the park less frequently than they hit it to some Little Leaguer in the outfield.

I felt sorry for these guys.  It just shows that baseball is like poker and Scrabble -- some skill involved, but mostly a game of luck.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

We made the mistake of going to Fan Fest. Adults, going to Fan Fest without children. For the most part a colossal waste of money. Interestingly, the Fan Fest tickets were included in the bundle with the All Star tickets so we would get decent seats. Had I realized that Fan Fest was a pure 'retail opportunity' with entertainment for kids, I would have given all four of your FF tickets away.

My opinion of FF: If you're not taking children, don't bother. If you do take children take LOTS of cash...

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