Lori Klein's Excuse for Pointing Gun at Reporter Isn't a Good One, Assuming It's Not a Lie

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State Senator Lori Klein's excuse for pointing a gun at a reporter doesn't wash.

State Senator Lori Klein, R-Anthem, likely lied in a recent statement about pointing a loaded gun at Arizona Republic reporter Richard Ruelas, in our humble opinion.

In response to heavy criticism, Klein now claims the reporter moved into her sights as she held the gun for him to see, its laser pointer somehow finding its way onto Ruelas' chest. That statement seems like malarkey on its face, and Ruelas denies that's the way it went down.

But even in a snowball's chance on a Phoenix summer sidewalk that this isn't a bald-faced lie, any experienced gun owner knows it doesn't excuse what happened.

Unless Ruelas moved with the speed of the cartoon superhero The Flash, Klein should have been able to simply tilt the barrel up for a moment -- because, as we mentioned in our post on Monday morning, you don't point a firearm at anything you aren't willing to put a hole in.

It's no big deal to show off your piece to someone who's asking questions about it. In fact, it's fun. But if someone is inattentive or crazy enough to move into your line of "fire" (again, it's worth repeating, anything in front of a gun's muzzle is potentially about to get shot) as you're displaying the weapon, the armed person has an undeniable responsibility to avoid pointing the gun at someone.

For Klein to continue pointing a gun in the direction of someone who has supposedly "placed himself in front of the gun," according to the Associated Press, was unconscionable.

Klein also tries to dilute her inexcusable action by casting aspersions on her critics, who she describes as "a few individuals who never miss the opportunity to advance an anti-2nd Amendment agenda."

She seems to forget that not every news writer buys into the typically left-leaning, anti-gun attitude of many in the news media.

Klein's stupidity has, indeed, whipped up the gun-control enthusiasts -- and she's to blame for that.

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Moira Carney
Moira Carney

The irony here is that having read a letter from an unhinged substitute teacher....she chastised the junior high kids for throwing paper airplanes in class, and not following the class rules.  This summer she show them it's ok to brandish a weapon, breaking multiple commonly accepted rules regarding the handling of weapons! And claims that WHO wants to be a thug? My dear, actions speak louder than words.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

She's a twit, at best. Whatever a twit is.. but it can't be very good.

Anyway, as a gun owner, many times over, having been in military conflict shootings, as well as police shootings I can assure you a gun is NEVER to be pointed at anything that is NOT intended to be destroyed, whether a living soul, or an inanimate object.

I guess what I really don't understand is why she simply doesn't say, "I made a bad mistake that no gun owner should ever mistake and I can assure you it will never happen again. I have learned from this incident and I hope other gun owners have, as well".

I guess it's the Arizona Republican creed to NEVER, EVER admit a mistake.

I can recall days when Republicans still held ethics and morality as being important.

I can recall days when Republicans actually had the ability be honest.

Klein, Kavanaugh, Pearce, Arpaio, Thomas, Bundgaard, Horne, Brewer, Pullen, Renzi...

And many others of their ilk, have chased ethical, moral, honest Republicans away from the party.


We already know she lies when she said she had also received hundreds of letters just like the one the substitute teacher wrote about the Latino students.

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