Joe Arpaio vs. Al Sharpton Redux (Redux) -- America's Self-Proclaimed "Toughest Sheriff" to Square Off With Civil Rights Leader...Again

Joe V. Al...again.
Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is littering social-media websites with alerts to his upcoming verbal sparring match with civil rights leader Al Sharpton.

"Interview with host Al Sharpton on MSNBC today @ 6:40 est Last time we spoke he led thousands of protestors here and asked for me to quit," the sheriff "tweeted" this morning.

He left a similar pimping on his Facebook page.

"Going on MSNBC tonight @ 6:40. The last time Al Sharpton spoke with me he brought thousands of activists to Phoenix and asked for my resignation. I'm still here Al. It will be fun speaking with him again," the sheriff wrote on his Facebook wall.
The televised argument is scheduled for 3:40 p.m. Phoenix time on MSNBC. Meantime, see some of Joe and Al's greatest hits below.

Arpaio's Facebook pals are

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Sharpton cleaned Arpaio's clock.


Sharpton vs. the FF of MCSO. Well, I guess my bet's won.

Pit Boss
Pit Boss

I guess Arpaio won't agree to spar with someone who's not a total dumbshit. Both of these idiots need to just go away.

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