Jeffery Hendershott "Wins" Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Mugshot of the Day Contest

hendershott jeffery mugshot of the day.JPG
Image: MCSO

It was a close one, but Jeffery Hendershott won out on Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Mugshot of the Day.

The 29-year-old son of Arpaio's fired chief deputy, David Hendershott, beat accused probation violator Carla Atkins for the honor, seemingly proving that no favoritism exists on Arpaio's automated, online version of a public stockade.

(That said, we still question why Hendershott's name wouldn't come up on the site with a direct name search, and instead could first be found only by scanning through the mugshots of DUI suspects...)

The younger Hendershott, who was briefly employed by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office in 2005, was booked into the county jail temporarily after being arrested earlier this week on suspicion of DUI and hit-and-run.
Arpaio launched the Mugshot of the Day feature on the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Web site in April as part of his eternal quest to humiliate jail inmates. As New Times writer James King noted back then, the public typically votes for the inmates who appear the "stupidest/most strung out on meth/mentally ill."

As Jeffery Hendershott's "victory" shows, the public also enjoys pillorying a notable name.

(Awright, our blog post from yesterday may have helped find a few extra online voters.)

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Arizona will continue to be a hell-hole until there is a major housecleaning from top to bottom. 

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

With all the victimization caused by former MCSO deputy, Dave, this just seems like sweet comeuppance... ESPECIALLY when one recalls that Dave was upset over the New Times questioning hundreds of hours of overtime paid by MCSO to younger Dave a year or so ago. I believe at that time OLD Dave said, "Now it's getting personal, bring family into this political fight" or something similar.

Yeh, Dave, it's not like you brought your family and friends into anything, eh?

Yeh, Dave, it's not like you victimized any other families, such as the Stapleys, eh?

Cry me a river, Dave.

So, Jeff, what's that rich dad of yous going to do to bail your sorry ass out of this one?


Jeff Hendershott worked for MCSO in 2005 AFTER he was busted for Marijuana in 2003.  What a crock of crap.  How many applicants were dismissed from the hiring process because of marijuana use within 3 years?  He could NOT have passed a polygraph regarding drug use if they actually gave him one.New Times...this begs to be looked in to.  How COULD he have passed the employment screening?????

Native Guns
Native Guns

I have no doubt that the "Flaccid" old "Fool" will stay at the top of the helm as the most voted for mugshot through out the year in 2012. After his long awaited indictment by the start of next year....hopefully.


Tommy, You nailed it.

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