Jeffery Hendershott, Son of Former MCSO Chief Deputy David Hendershott, Arrested on Suspicion of DUI and Hit-and-Run

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Image: MCSO
Jeffery Hendershott, 29, was arrested yesterday on suspicion of DUI and hit-and-run. He's the son of David Hendershott, the disgraced former chief deputy under Sheriff Joe Arpaio who was fired in April.
​Jeffery Hendershott, son of former Maricopa County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy David Hendershott, was arrested yesterday on suspicion of DUI and hit-and-run.

Thanks to Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Mugshot of the Day program, you can vote to make Hendershott's kid's picture No. 1 on the MCSO Web site. (For some reason, though, typing in Hendershott's name doesn't bring up the mugshot. If you want to vote, click here to access the MCSO mug shot page, then click on the "DUI" category and scroll down to find Hendershott's picture.)

Channel 5 News (KPHO-TV) was the first to report this morning that Phoenix police arrested Hendershott, but no further details have been released. We put in a call with Phoenix PD to find out what happened, and we'll update you later.

UPDATE: Hendershott's vehicle collided with another car near 27th Avenue and the Loop 101 yesterday morning, says Phoenix police Sergeant Tommy Thompson.

No injuries were reported, Thompson says, but Hendershott drove away from the scene and was arrested soon after at another location. Thompson did not immediately have details about how Hendershott was caught, his alleged BAC or other details.

Being the kid of a high-profile law enforcement in Arizona isn't easy, apparently.

The younger Hendershott -- who's 29 -- joins several notable children of top-ranking lawmen who have been in trouble in recent years. A blog post we wrote last month detailed the cases of:

* Robert Halliday, son of Arizona Department of Public Safety Director Robert Halliday, a deadbeat dad who can't seem to meet his child support obligations.

* Joshua Pearce, son of State Senator Russell Pearce, who is serving a year in prison for aggravated DUI.

* Brandi Dorn, daughter of Gilbert Police Chief Tim Dorn, who's serving a six-year prison sentence for aggravated DUI.

* Michael and Cody Rodbell, the son and daughter of Scottsdale Police Chief Alan Rodbell, arrested in separate cases in 2007 for brawling, DUI and other charges.

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What goes around, comes around.


Man, I can't wait to get on this page the day Joe's fat ass gets hauled away. Vote count will be in the millions...


I respect a person with human frailities getting a DUI more than a corrupt, hypocrite of law enforcment officer. 


I wonder what dear old Dad David has to say about this? He must be boiling mad that his son landed in one of the FF's jails. I wonder if Hendy Sr. will begin a campaign of harassment and intimidation against his former employer?  

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