Grant Woods: "Twitter Account Hacked. Anthony Weiner Told Me This Could Happen."

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Grant Woods: the New Times-declared Mayor of Twitter-town.
It appears the Twitter account of former Arizona Attorney General/Current Mayor of Twitter-town Grant Woods has been hacked.

Woods currently holds New Times'' coveted "Best Twitterer" award, so, of course, he took the hacking in stride.

"Sorry. Twitter account hacked. Anthony Weiner told me this could happen," Woods "tweeted" last night, obviously joking about former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner and his infamous "Weiner-Gate."

Last month, per New Times' request, Woods compiled a list of social media suggestions for politicos to help them avoid a potential "Weiner-Gate." Check it out here.

Woods' Twitter antics include the following: getting into a vampire-themed argument with former TV pitchman J.D. Hayworth, an expose on the amount of cream cheese fatsos put on their bagels, and tricking followers into clicking on a "PRIVATE," Weiner-esque link posted on his Twitter page. Unlike Weiner's "PRIVATE" pic, the link didn't take followers to a cock shot, it took them to a photo of former Diamondbacks pitcher Randy Johnson.

The recent hacking of Woods' Twitter account didn't result in any photos of his penis mysteriously getting sent to a Washington college student -- it's just a bunch of weight loss spam -- which is a shame; "Woody-Gate" has a nice ring to it.

See Woods' Twitter page here.

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Jeff Moriarty
Jeff Moriarty

Nooo... this isn't what "hacked" means. Nobody got his password, logged on, or stole access from Grant Woods.

This is what happens when you're an idiot and you click a bad link from someone that runs a program that tweets/emails/FB posts spam. Sounds like Grant needs an education on how spam works and how not to click bad links.

just me
just me

"Woody-Gate"........thanks for the laugh.

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