Mesa Methhead Calls Cops on Himself Before Trying to Escape "Imagined Assailants." Wreaks Havoc on Neighborhood

George Carrillo
To continue yesterday's trend of meth-induced stupidity, George Carrillo fired 15 rounds of ammunition from inside his Mesa apartment as he tried to combat "imagined assailants" -- subsequently terrorizing his neighborhood.

But that was only after he called the cops on himself to let them know he was "tripping" on crystal meth.

About 8:30 p.m. Sunday, Carrillo called Mesa police and told them he was "tripping" from a dose of crystal meth he'd taken two days ago. He claimed he "hasn't slept in days" and was hearing voices. Officers checked around his North Salem Road apartment but found nothing, Sergeant Ed Wessing, spokesman for the Mesa Police Department, tells New Times.

A few hours later, the 30-year-old Carrillo fired a hail of bullets from a black, .9-millimeter handgun -- shooting out his own windows in the process. He later told police he was trying to escape the voices in his head.


The bullets flew into neighboring apartments, destroying one resident's dishwasher.

As police searched for him, Carrillo ran -- shirtless -- across the road onto East Nora Street. He entered the yard of a nearby home and broke into the garage by breaking a window.

But the door to the inside of the house was locked. So, Carrillo ran on to the house next door.

Shattering the glass back door, Carrillo entered the home. The two residents inside called police and then barricaded themselves in the bedroom.

Carrillo pocketed one of the victim's cell phone and headed to the bedroom. Breaking into the room, Carrillo assaulted one of the residents. But the victim fought back, ultimately pinning Carrillo to the floor until police arrived.

"The reason he was acting like that was because he was freaking out and delusional from too much meth," Wessing says.

Carrillo told police he was firing rounds and running from "imagined assailants," according to court documents. Cops confirmed he was high on meth at the time of the frantic rampage.

Carrillo was booked on a count of unlawful discharge of a firearm, burglary, assault, two counts of endangerment, two counts of criminal damage, and two counts of trespassing.

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this is bullshit, this dude obviosly called for help and was ignored by the officer(s) that responded. in a sense this could have been prevented with a 5150 hold.


Sandbillies on Meth.

Maybe Jan Brewer can declare them the official state animal. 

Johnny Skee Mask
Johnny Skee Mask

Idiots like these is just one reason why I carry a gun. They are dangerous and delusional, should they become infected with METH. It's a matter of life and death for those zombies running amok.

Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

Jail's not the answer.   Rehab is the way to go but there's no money for it, only for jail because it's a money maker.    I guess everybody can just kiss their asses goodbye if they're waiting for any help from the government.    Piss on us all.


What a stupid, loser piece of shit. Lock him up.


What good will that do?  Just fill our jails up some more?  How about getting this guy into rehab?  Seems like he would benefit a lot more from that than sitting in a jail cell.

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