Drunk Phoenix Woman Sets House on Fire After Husband Bans Her From Drinking at Home

Linda Velarde: the poster child for bad drunks.
Linda Velarde, 48, is what some might call a "bad drunk." In fact, she gets so violent when she drinks that her husband banned her from tying one on in the Phoenix home the couple shares -- so she set the house on fire with him inside.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, police were called yesterday afternoon when Velarde was seen drinking in public and waving a knife in the air near her apartment complex at 806 East Carol Avenue in Phoenix.

When police arrived, she told them her husband no longer allowed her to drink in their apartment, which the husband confirmed to officers, citing the fact that she tends to get violent when she drinks as the reason.

After her initial run in with police, cops monitored as Velarde went back to her apartment to grab some of her things. She then left on foot.

Shortly after removing some of her belongings, police were again called about Velarde. This time it was because she set her apartment on fire with her husband inside.

For the second time in just a few hours, police again were speaking to Velarde's husband, who told them Velarde had returned to the apartment, so he locked himself in a room to get away from his drunken wife. As he was locked in the room, Velarde allegedly dumped some sort of oil on the floor leading from the room in which her husband was locked to some curtains she then set on fire. She then took off on foot.

The blaze didn't get too out of control -- Velarde's husband managed to put out the fire, but suffered some burns to his hands in the process.

According to police, had Velarde's husband not been able to locate and extinguish the fire when he did, he would have been trapped in the burning apartment because the fire was lit at a "choke point" in the hallway of the building.

Velarde, who has a history of alcoholism and domestic violence, was booked into a Maricopa County jail on one count of arson.

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If you read this article and have an opinion about those in it and think about sharing it, first stop and think about what you are doing. Look at your own life. Recall all the times you were broken and hurt. How about the times when you insulted someone, belittled someone, or abused someone? How about the times when others abused you or times when life placed you into a situation where you broke down? Remember how that sting feels in your heart? Do you? How would it feel to have others mock your situation? You have the right to say whatever you want here but that doesn't make it right.

Linda Velarde is the mother of 3 children. She home schooled them through grade school and they are now all college graduates with bachelor degrees in nursing and engineering from Grand Canyon University and Arizona State University. She started a company penny-less 10 years ago  when her husband was hurt and could not work. Together they established the company with her husband as a systems programmer until his death in June, 2013 due to a heart attack as they were enjoying a morning together. His last thoughts and words were nothing but love for her. Since then Linda has had to face working alone on the business with this past event shadowing her. In spite of the loss of her husband and the harsh words spoke here, she does what she has to to move forward. 

The thing is you do not know all the facts. Its not your life, you do not know why this happened or what led up to it. I do. Im her son. I cannot take away her blame for what she has done as much as I cannot take away all the wonderful things she has done. I know her for who she is and I see her being made a mockery here. Hypocracy and narrow minded thinking are not good for the soul. Please consult your heart before you mock others. Thinking rashly pollutes judgement.

Stop reading this, and think about your life. Then go and tell those you love that you love them. Go to those you hurt and say that you are sorry. Go to those who have you bounded and plead them to forgive you. Then do well with your life and forget this kind of pastime, mocking others for sport and amusement.


Something that ugly means the husband has a very serious drinking problem or no taste in women! Maybe both!


So, she was drinking in public and waiving a knife in the air and they let her go. Had they arrested her, there would not have been a fire. Cops are disgusting!


Actually, the truth is she was beat for 25 years by him and she snapped. Stop being a pawn and listening to narrow-viewed media hype.


Drunk and waving a knife in the air?????? How much PC do Phoenix PD need to make an arrest which would have prevented the arson.


I wonder how many times this woman beat the shit out of her husband and he tolerated it for this long.

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