Orlando "O-Dog" Hudson's Blunder in Last Night's D-Backs Win: Say it Isn't So, Dude!

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Orlando "O-Dog" Hudson was one of our favorite Arizona Diamondbacks during his three years in Phoenix (2006-08), an upbeat second-baseman who was an All-Star and won a pair of Gold Gloves awards.
orlando hudson.jpg
O-Dog back in the day (2006)
But Hudson split for the big money after the 2008 season, and has bounced around since then, landing in San Diego this season after one-year stints in Los Angeles and Minnesota. 
The Padres have struggled all year, as has Hudson, and it never was more evident than in last night's 6-1 loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks.
The play in question came after the surging Justin Upton homered in the sixth to give Arizona a 3-0 lead.
Padres pitcher Dustin Moseley (who was on the mound despite having dislocated his non-pitching shoulder while swinging the bat earlier in the game) then walked two D-Backs in succession.


Ryan Roberts came to the plate, and lifted a soft fly ball to short right field. Hudson, who still moves well, made a good little catch on the run, his momentum carrying him past the foul line toward where D-Backs' bullpen sits.

O-Dog tossed the ball to a ball girl there, who dutifully flipped it to a fan in the first few rows.

Wait a tic!

Only two were out, not three, which meant that the play still was alive, and the umps waved in Chris Young from third base with yet another run.

Haven't seen that one in quite awhile.

Those in attendance let Hudson have it, deservedly so. He grinned sheepishly, looking for a nearby hole to crawl into.

By the way, the dude's salary this year is a cool $4 million.


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Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

He needs a raise from any idiot owner who will give it to him.   4 million for playing a game.  

Arizona's Politics
Arizona's Politics

The capper, of course, was that he had just been giving former teammate Chris Young a hard time about almost getting caught over-sliding 2nd base - partly because Hudson and/or the shortstop had pretended that the throw from the catcher had gone into centerfield.  In fact, as the D'backs announcers speculated, the reason O-dog wasn't clear on how many outs there were was because he was having too much fun with Young.  (It was very good to see, though, that he immediately owned up to the error.)

I like Hudson, too, and was very glad for his sake that it did not end up being a 1-run loss for SD.  As it is, I'm guessing that his gaffe made it to the high(low?)light reels on the sports shows.  Ah well, we do all have mental lapses from time to time.


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