Joe Arpaio-Backed Congressional Candidate Matt Salmon on Arpaio: "Do I Care for Arpaio? Do I Like Him? No." Compares Sheriff to Barney Fife

Joe Arpaio-approved Congressional candidate Matt Salmon: "Do I care for Arpaio? Do I like him? No."
Turns out, New Times isn't the only publication to which Joe Arpaio-approved Congressional candidate Matt Salmon expressed how he really feels about America's self-proclaimed "toughest sheriff."

Like comments he's made to New Times, Salmon's critique of Sheriff Arpaio found in a 2003 East Valley Tribune article is a far cry from the gushing analysis of Arpaio's job performance found in Salmon's announcement that Maricopa County's aging law-dog would be endorsing his candidacy in the District 6 Congressional campaign.

Read more about candidate Salmon's switcheroo on Arpaio here.

In a May 2003 article in the East Valley Tribune, when asked about Arpaio, Salmon told the paper "do I care for Arpaio? Do I like him? No."

He goes on to compare the sheriff to Mayberry's inept top sheriff's deputy, Barney Fife.

From the Tribune:

While Arpaio may have high poll numbers, his support is not deep and people are growing weary of his antics, Salmon said. He cited the millions of dollars the county has paid in lawsuits against the sheriff's office, as well as Arpaio's well-publicized acquisition of an armored personnel carrier complete with a .50-caliber machine gun for the department.

"It almost looks like Barney Fife after a while," Salmon said of Arpaio's tenure. "It's like drilling on people's teeth without Novocaine. It just hits a raw nerve."

Salmon made similar remarks about the powerful sheriff in a 2005 interview with New Times.

In 2005, when asked about Arpaio, Salmon told New Times "I don't respect him. I don't think he's playing with a full deck."

So, as of 2005, Salmon's feelings towards Arpaio are as follows:

-He doesn't like him.

-He doesn't respect him.

-He doesn't think he's playing with a "full deck."

-He compares him to Barney Fife.

Yet, now that he's running for Congress, and could use the endorsement of a political heavyweight known for his tough stance on Arizona's issue du-jour, illegal immigration, Salmon's got nothin' but love for Maricopa County's corrupt top cop.

In a press release announcing that Arpaio is endorsing his campaign, Salmon says the following:

Sheriff Joe Arpaio has been a tireless advocate for the safety of Maricopa County citizens for almost two decades. He understands how important it is to protect our national borders against illegal immigration and he knows I will make that a top priority in Washington. I am grateful for his confidence in my ability to represent the best interests of our communities.

We've sent Salmon's staff multiple emails asking for an explanation of the switcheroo. We've been ignored each time.

If you'd also like an explanation as to why a Congressional candidate, who once said he had no respect for Joe Arpaio, would now refer to the sheriff as a "tireless advocate for the safety of Maricopa County citizens for almost two decades" now that he's running for Congress, email Salmon's campaign spokesman Adam Deguire at 

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Barney Fife is better looking.


This guy is a fool.

First, he said he doesn't like or support the Senile Spinster back in 2005. Salmon said that the Flaccid Fool wasn't playing with a full deck.

Then, he said he supported Nazicopa County's corrupt top "cop", even going so far as to issue a statement reflecting as such.

Now, he says he doesn't support the Ancient Asshole, even though he has a political endorsement from the Stupid Shurf.

I wonder what the Stupid Old Man has to say about all this?

Why is this guy flip-flopping like a fish out of water?


I am slow to harshly judge Mr. Salmon for his recent comments about Joe Arpaio.  Salmon is accurate in relating that Arpaio is an advocate for strict border enforcement.  In securing political support, you don't bring up the fact that the guy giving you the support is incompetent, though it may be true. Even the worse of people have a few positive qualities.  Adolf Hitler was a vegetarian and loved the company of children though like Arpaio, his negative qualities outnumber the positive.   

Truth to Power
Truth to Power

This ain't hard, it's lazy politics. I don't remember the quote exactly, but there's one along the lines of "A man's opinion is usually based on the person who pays his wages."  That's what this is about. It's got nothing to do with right or wrong, it has everything to do with the Benjamins.

Pit Boss
Pit Boss

This dude needs to be pan seared and covered in butter and capers for his flip-flopping. I'm a little hungry now.

Bob the Builder
Bob the Builder

Barney Fife, now that is funny!  I like the old Salmon. 

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Jason, still no reply from Adam to my email question last week. I'm wondering if I've been ignored? Hmmmmmm

The Flaccid Fool is NOT a cop, by the way. JUST an elected official who has never been a cop in the state of Arizona, that I know of. Not even P.O.S.T. certified, as most of the FIFTEEN sheriffs in Arizona are. I guess it was just easier than studying and taking the certification testing. Somewhat like being a Nickel Bagger for D.E.A., I would guess.

It shouldn't bother me, but I take it as an affront to professional law enforcement officers when the FF is given our title, 'cop'. He is an absolute embarrassment to professional law enforcement. To wit: "I am going to send our chain gang out to pick up litter at the All Star game". No, shurf, what you SHOULD be doing is helping get the hundreds of sexual assault cases in El Mirage cleaned up... Those cases MCSO was PAID to handle and haven't.

This guy Salmon is a complete fool to think an endorsement from the FF is going to be favorable toward him, AFTER he had called the guy a fool on at least two occasions and now seemingly thinks he's a good guy.

I guess this is just a classic case of Dumb and Dumber...


Agreed. That's why I put the word cop in quotation marks. We all know the FF of MCSO is not a real cop and never has been. He is just a mentally ill old man.


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