Brent Vandecasteele Turns Sex With Girlfriend Into Condiment Buffet; Covered Woman With Ranch Dressing, Now Charged With Sexual Assault

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Brent Vandecasteele
Some people prefer to cover their partner with whipped cream or chocolate to up the ante during foreplay. Brent Vandecasteele went a different direction: he covered his girlfriend with ranch dressing and sodomized her with his picante-sauce-covered finger.

But pleasure for Vandecasteele was pain for his girlfriend -- she wasn't exactly into it and struggled to get away during the assault.

The two were at the home of a friend in Tempe about 1:00 p.m. Wednesday when Vandecasteele opened a packet of ranch dressing and smeared it across his girlfriend's naked body during a sexual tryst, according to court documents.

With his finger drenched in picante sauce and halfway up her anus, Vandercasteele's girlfriend told him to stop -- telling him "no" and to "knock it off."

Vandercasteele responded by pulling the woman's hair.

The homeowner, standing nearby, stepped in and told Vandercasteele he didn't like what was going on. Vandercasteele then attacked the man, punching him repeatedly in the face, police say.

The girlfriend tried to call police with the homeowner's phone, but Vandercasteel snatched the phone from her and pushed her in the chest with both hands.

He said she'd better "not call the police."

After taking a few more swings at the homeowner, Vandercasteel fled the house, taking the man's phone with him.

About 4:50 that afternoon, Tempe police found Vandercasteel on the 2000 block of East Wildermuth Avenue. Cops cuffed the 45-year-old homeless man after a brief pursuit and took him to the Tempe City Jail.

Vandercasteel was booked on suspicion of sexual assault, assault, and theft. Outstanding Maricopa County, Mesa, and Tempe warrants were also discovered after his arrest.

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It was all fun and games until she noticed it wasn't Pace picante sauce.  Whaddya mean this stuff is made in New York City. 

Johnny Skee Mask
Johnny Skee Mask

That scum bucket is a transient? Gee, I bet his GF wasn't that good looking either. A weird tryst what may have led to an ass fire with a picante sauce.

There's weird stories everyday told by James King.


he probably learned the picante ass poking from an illegal

Tim Hanner
Tim Hanner

Sankree that is the stupidest comment I have see in a while. I would suppose the Ranch thing he learned from traveling through Hidden Valley? You know, a California thing.

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