Babeu Report and Investigation Into Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Office to Cost Maricopa County Up to $102,000

babeu presser 2.jpg
Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu talks to the press on May 3 about the findings in his office's six-month investigaton of Sheriff Arpaio's office.

A six-month internal investigation of the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office that resulted in two of Arpaio's top men being fired will cost the county up to $102,000.

The amount is considerably higher than the $46,000 we heard it would cost earlier this year.

The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is expected to vote on the issue tomorrow, and an agenda item states that it won't cost more than $102,000. Conceivably, the Board could balk at that amount and renegotiate.

But the higher figure is apparently what Pinal County, and the private investigator Sheriff Paul Babeu hired to do the work, are charging.

"The people who did the work should get paid," says Cari Gerchick, spokeswoman for Maricopa County.

She adds that even if the county pays the bill, it wouldn't necessarily
be an "endorsement" of the investigation's findings, which caused Arpaio
to fire Chief Deputy Dave Hendershott and Deputy Chief Larry Black.

The report ended up whitewashing the involvement of Arpaio in the allegations, in part because he was never the target of the investigation.

If the Board of Supervisors approves the amount, it'll be doing so
before they or the public sees the entire 1,022-page report produced in
the investigation.

As we reported a couple of weeks ago, a Superior Court judge ruled that about one-third of the report can stay blacked out until disciplinary proceedings are completed against MCSO employee Captain Joel Fox.

UPDATE July 6: County Supervisors vote to pay the $102,000.

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And all of this protection of Arpaio came with the best wishes and political soothing of the Republican Party's little fair-haired boy, Babeu. 

The county is paying how much and who did the actual investigating?  As sheriff, Babeu didn't have the skills needed. His crack I.A. team didn't have the skills needed. So they hire a private firm to conduct a massive corruption investigation? Why the middle man? Arpaio has spent more time in his elevator than Babeu has spent in a police car.

Babeu was made the middle man/broker for one reason. He needed the political boost this would provide him with and he made sure no one got hurt. Everyone walked  the way with the investigation was conducted, the private firm (that could and did produce a product) gets paid, and Babeu continues on with his "America First" mantra while continuing to urinate on the Arizona countryside at the taxpayers' expense.


This is crazy that it just keeps adding up.  Who ever the historian is that will write this saga, please don't forget to include the cost to tax payers this asshole has cost us.


Amazing that it cost tax payers 100K for Arpaio to admit and finally do somethingabout the corruption in his office.The only problem is the cancer is still there, Arpaio himself needs to go orthe cancer will continue to decimate the system.

So if I look at this another way, it costs tax payers to get Arpaio to DO his joband it Costs tax payers when Arpaio Pretends to do his job and it costs taxpayers when Arpaio does NOT do his job.

The only win for the people is to see the Sheriff's tail end head out the door.

Charles Farley
Charles Farley

nothing like an  investigation designed to protect Arpaio, regardles of the cost to the public.. I'm  sure Joe will believe this to be money well spent.


And joel fox continues to rack up his retirement and salary. Arputo has yet to "meat" out any actual discipline on to his most volatile and potential damaging employee. What a smoke screen. Arputo continues to lie to the public. Joel Fox has yet to be fired and then will see his merit rules and rights activated. More course and conduct by Joe Arpaio

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