Attention U.S. Airways: America Hates You (and Facebook)

usairways.jpg released its list of America's 19 "Most Hated Companies" -- based on the American Customer Satisfaction Index -- earlier this month, four of which happen to be airlines (imagine that). Among them is Tempe-based U.S. Airways.

The airline came in at the six spot on TheAtlantic's list with a 61/100 satisfactory rating.

From TheAtlantic:

Common complaints include low-ratings for cabin-crew service, baggage fees and baggage handling, a lack of entertainment options and poor communication regarding delays. The company is currently censured by the Department of Transportation for its lack of communication with travelers.

In June 2011, the airline carrier paid $45,000 in fines for failing to include the law-required applicable taxes and fees on the same page as a print advertisement on air fare. 

Cox Communications, the Valley's primary cable provider, is also hated by America, according to the ACSI index.

Cox came in at the number 17 spot on the list with a 67/100 satisfactory rating. About the cable provider, TheAtlantic says "common complaints include unexpected extra fees including up to $480 to cancel service .Cox has maintained its satisfaction rating since the previous year, affirming its lead on Time Warner, Comcast, and Charter. Cox has actually been touted as a success story compared to other cable companies. That said, cable companies in general are liked less than satellite."

Facebook also made TheAtlantic's list, coming in at the number 10 spot. The website gives the social networking giant the following critique:

A common complaint includes user's privacy and personal information protection. Social networkers worry about privacy and sometimes complain when Facebook introduces new features, like the news feed. Or when Facebook shuts down apps without warning users beforehand, like they did recently to tens of thousands of apps.

ACSI began measuring social media sites in 2010 and ratings may have a few kinks to work out. Wikipedia earned the top score at 77.

The most hated company, however, is electric provider Pepco, followed by Delta Airlines, Time Warner Cable, Comcast, and Charter Communications.

See the complete list here.

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I had no idea about America’s hatred for the airlines, but I did know that America prefers satellite over cable. has detailed comparisons of the major TV providers in the US that prove this, and as a tech support rep for DISH Network I always refer people to this site for an un-biased view point of telecom companies available.

J Curwen
J Curwen

Most memorable about my last US Airways flight was the lecture given before take-off. This included an admonition against using the rest room at the front of the plane. The front rest room is reserved for the dozen or so first class passengers. Everyone else head to the back of the plane!

To Hell with that BS: US Air just dropped to the bottom of my airline preference list.

Disgusted US Airways flyer
Disgusted US Airways flyer

Typical NEW UsAirways. They do NOT care about their customers and don't feel bad they treat their elite (Chairman Preferred) same as you. Not the airlines I flew since 1993 and remind them the business traveler as myself are the ones who kep them in business after 9-ll. Do they care? Answer simply is NO.


A friend of mine was in San Diego with another friend last weekend.  On Saturday evening they was supposed to fly home on US Airways Flight 1196.   They received a text that afternoon that their flight would be delayed.  Of course, they had already checked out of their hotel.  They then received another text that it might be on time so they should probably head to the airport.  They got to the airport and the roster still said "delayed".  So they grabbed a little dinner at one of the airport eateries.  During their meal, they were texted to report to the gate, so they put cash on the table for their bill, abandoned their dinners and rushed to the gate.  There they were told that the flight had been canceled and there was no availability for flights back to Phoenix on any airline.  They were also informed that there were no available hotel rooms within a 25 mile radius of the airport.  There are many other details to the story, but the bottom line is that US Airways left 150 people stranded at the airport in San Diego over night and didn't even offer pillows or blankets and made no real attempt to help these people in any way.  They gave a few people food vouchers, but with the airport shutting down for the night (noise ordinance - no flights after a certain time - airport closes down) good luck using those...  Then, of course, the next day, over-booked flights were scrambling people around.  US Air wanted to charge them again for their bags.  Outrageous!  Never will fly US Air again.  EVER.


Tempe should be proud. 

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