Five Best Ways to Ruin Your 4th of July Weekend: Call Them Fireworks Unsafety Tips

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Now that fireworks are legal in Arizona, we know you're excited to get out there and wreck pyrotechnic havoc on your backyard this Fourth of July weekend. But slow your roll for just a minute.

In an effort to prevent patriotic mishaps, we've decided to offer up safety tips on how not to handle your new-found explosive endeavors.

5. The Sledgehammer technique:

Is there a better way to light fireworks than the use of a sledgehammer? Apparently these guys didn't think so. Please, just use matches instead -- they're a lot lighter and don't involve broken toes if you miss.

4. In a bathtub:

We advise you to light your fireworks in the backyard, or at least outside. Why is the bathtub not a good place for pyrotechnic displays of stupidity? Well, just watch the video.

3. Lighting fire with fire:

While an obvious don't-do to some, others need a reminder. When lighting your fireworks, don't use a preexisting flame -- stay away from bonfires, especially.

2. Know when enough is enough:

We recommend you limit your firework use to no more than 100 pops. That way you'll be able to impress your neighbors while still keeping all your limbs -- and your dignity.

1. Don't be a Jackass

You're not Ryan Dunn. Nor will you ever be a member of the Jackass crew. So please, don't try to be something your not. Keep the fireworks in the ground and out of your ass.

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