Two People Questioned Over Campfire That Started Largest Wildfire in Arizona History

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Image: Wikimedia Commons
​Two likely very unhappy campers are getting questioned today in connection with a campfire left burning on May 29 that apparently started the largest wildfire in Arizona history.

Media reports state that the feds aren't releasing names, nor have they arrested anyone.

Meanwhile, the nearly half-million-acre Wallow fire is said to be only 20 percent contained on the 18th day of the battle.



Even if the campers started the wildfire by accident, they could end up in big trouble. In 2003, Peri Van Brunt was sentenced to 18 months in prison because of a campfire that got of control and raged for months in and around the Sequoia National Forest.

We'd be almost as terrified of the public scorn -- from some of the thousands of people who had to flee their homes because of the Wallow fire, not to mention nature lovers.

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Can they at least tell us if the suspect are are hippies or illegal aliens? This is some of the blame game crap I've been hearing.

Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

Did they get stupid and tell someone else about leaving a camp fire burning or smoldering?    Or did the fed decide they were the ones?     Even if they did leave a smoldering camp fire, it doesn't mean that was the one that started the fires.   Prove it.    Plenty of camp fires have been left in what can be described as a smoldering condition that didn't start a forest fire.   If someone saw them leave a burning camp fire, why didn't they put it out?   Did they wait and watch it turn in to a forest fire?    I think they're the chosen ones.


Depending upon the situation, it can be pretty easy to pinpoint exactly which campsite a fire originated from. For example, if you look at the aerial photos of last year's Schultz fire, you can see exactly where it started; the burning started at a specific point and fanned out from there. Then all is needed is to find out who camped at a particular site. Maybe the forest service lucked out and these folks happened to camp near someone else who gave a good description.

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