Steve Nash to Vancouver Following Stanley Cup Loss: "Please Stop Burning S**T"

Steve Nash to Canadians: stop burning shit.
Phoenix Suns star Steve Nash isn't the prime minister of Canada (yet), but he still did his part to get hooligans to stop trashing a Canadian city following the Vancouver Canucks' game-seven loss in the Stanley Cup Finals last night.

The Canucks were crushed by the Boston Bruins 4-0 to conclude a great series. Following the game, fans took a page out of the book of Boston sports fans and rioted.

The difference, however, is Canuck fans rioted when they lost. Bostonians just riot -- even when they win.

Nash, originally from nearby Victoria, Canada, took to Twitter last night to get his Canadian brethren to calm down.

"Vancouver, please top burning shit. We're a great city and have a lot of class. Our team is great and our championship will come. Soon," Nash "tweeted" last night, imploring his countrymen to cool it.

He went on to "tweet" that Canadians were "being embarrassed by a relative few."

The financial damage to the city is still being calculated, and police have not released the number of arrests or injuries.

There were no reports of fatalities, though one man was seriously injured when he fell off a bridge, according to Reuters.

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Jim - I agree...pathetic and uncalled for low blow.  Maybe you should visit Boston when a championship is won here and see what takes place.  No rioting at all.  Again, a sad incident in 2004, but it was not due to rioting.  It was a poor police action.  Get your facts correct before you write.


Pathetic, jealous comment re Boston.There have been NO riots in Boston.A girl was sadly killed in an isolated incident back in 2004.A very sad case that resulted in police discipline, but hardly a "riot".What weak, pathetic journalism.How do writers like this get paid for this crap?


He's a hero to most of them, glad he stepped up. Oh and no doubt Steve will beprime minister one day.  

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