State Senator Scott Bundgaard Pleads Not Guilty to Charges Stemming From Freeway Fight With Former Flame

State Senator Scott Bundgaard
State Senator Scott Bundgaard's attorney was in Phoenix Municipal Court yesterday where he pleaded not guilty on Bundgaard's behalf to charges stemming from a February fracas with then gal-pal Aubry Ballard on the side of a Valley freeway.

Bundgaard's been charged with one count each of reckless assault and endangerment for the scuffle, which resulted in a night in the slammer for Ballard and a shiner for Bundgaard.

Bundgaard was not charged the night of the incident because, according to Phoenix police, he invoked legislative immunity -- a claim he disputes. Ballard, on the other hand, was taken into custody at the scene.

With each side telling a different story, the details of the brouhaha are unclear. Bundgaard claims Ballard attacked him in a jealous rage as the two were driving home from a charity event, during which Bundgaard competed in a dance competition with another woman.

He claims she started punching him and throwing his clothes out the window as the two were driving on State Route 51. When he stopped to retrieve the clothes, he tried to remove Ballard from the car, dragging her along the side of the highway, causing cuts and scrapes to her legs.

Bundgaard also claims Ballard pulled a gun on him, a claim Ballard says -- and most observers believe -- is BS.

The unbelievable yarn about the gun, Senate sources told New Times at the time, was the breaking point for many Senate Republicans, who booted Bundgaard from his leadership position in the Senate shortly after the incident.

Ballard issued the following statement about the charges against Bundgaard:

The night of February 25 remains painful for me. Not only the assault I suffered at the hands of a man I once loved, but Scott's insistence on blaming others and his failure to take responsibility for his illegal, abusive behavior.

Fortunately, the justice system has decided to hold Scott accountable. I support that decision wholeheartedly.

My thanks go out to the Phoenix Police Department, the city prosecutor's office, and the five independent witnesses who spoke out, corroborating the facts of that night. I look forward to putting this awful incident into the past.

If convicted, Bundgaard faces up to 10 months in jail and $3,250 in fines.

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Gray Race
Gray Race

I wish I can punch Bundgaard myself.


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Paty Kerry
Paty Kerry

I wonder if his BFF Pearce will come to his rescue?  

I wonder if he sang that Katy Perry song "I hit the girl and I liked it"  while he was smacking her down.

This was never the way I planned, not my intention.I got so brave, drink in hand, lost my discretion.It's not what I'm used to, just wanna try you on.I'm curious if  you caught my a left hand.I hit a girl and I liked it,the way her head violently snapped back.I hit a girl just to try it,I hope my constituents don't mind it.It felt so wrong, it felt so right.Don't mean I'm going to jail tonight.I hit a girl and I liked it (I liked it).

Pit Boss
Pit Boss

He's the victim in this case.

Heil Hitler!


Russell Pearce


This asshole will get a slap on the hand and walk away clean, just watch.

That's how it works in Arizona, politicians can do no wrong, even when truth says otherwise.

Anybody else would be doing jail time, be paying big fines and have a lot of classes to attend for domestic violence.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

It appears to me folks (just my ignorant opinion) that Bundgaard fits into the profile of what has become the role model Arizona Republican:

One who HAS NOT the ability to be truthful.

One who will say whatever comes to mind and expect all of us constituents (aka fools) to simply believe what the person has said.

One who applies law as that person sees fit, and expects everyone else to comply with written law.

One who sucks off the government teat and expects our government to provide for them for the remainder of their lives, while the common folk are allowed to perish without government assistance, in spite of the taxes they have paid for medical and other services.

Honestly, as a former life long Republican I am so disheartened and disappointed by most of the elected Republicans serving in Arizona, and I am hoping that at some point someone in the party will be able to turn the tide away from the hate and narcissism that seems to occupy the souls and personalities of those such as Pearce, Kavanaugh, Klein, Brewer, Arpaio, Thomas, Pullen, etc...

The Recall Pearce campaign seems to be the first step. At least it's finally a step in the right direction. Ironically, Pearce has been recalled by many of those who probably voted him into office in the 2010 election, less than a year ago. 

Not surprised
Not surprised

PNT, thanks for showing the correct photo of this guy, which shows him in his true light, to go with this report.

Other reports have his campaign "squeeky clean holier than thou" pictures posted.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, it makes one wonder what message they're really trying to send.

For me, two things are important here.  One, domestic violence is unacceptable under any circumstances.  Two, Bundgaard should be accountable for his actions.


Well, everyone gets their day in court and the opportunity to face the witnesses both for and against.    It will be interesting to see how Bundgaard reacts to the statements of the Phoenix PD and the other witnesses.  Then I am sure he (considering his huge ego) will want to take the witness stand and set the record straight -- HA HA.

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