Senator Jon Kyl Says "Summer Home" Might be in Path of Wallow Fire -- Which is Actually a "Factual Statement"

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Jon Kyl owns a home in Apache County: "factual statement."
Senator Jon Kyl was overheard today expressing concern about a summer home he claims to own that might be in the path of the Wallow fire raging in eastern Arizona.

Given the senator's history with "factual statements," we decided to check it out.

Taking a break from talks about the national debt ceiling today, the senator was seen making phone calls to get the latest on the path of the fire, and whether it was headed toward his vacation home.

"I'm trying to find out whether or not my summer home up in the Arizona mountains is still there after the fire went through last night," Kyl told reporters in a capitol hallway, "I'm just getting a little report from a totally informal source [that] they think it is, I really don't know.  And that's really on my mind right now."

Unlike his recent claims about Planned Parenthood's abortion statistics, Kyl's claim that he owns a home that might be in the line of the fire is a "factual statement," according to the Apache County Recorder's Office. He's owned the property, within miles of the blaze, since 1987.

Check it out here, or see below.


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I'm more concerned about all the wildlife damage anf the heroic firefighters that are battling this blaze. I also feel for the people that have lived up there most of their lives. I don't have any sympathy for a politicians summer mansion that is more than likely insured. If he is that worried about his summer home, maybe he should get to the mountains and put in some effort into saving his home or whatever property inside he wishes to keep, like the poeple that live up there have been doing the past week. Does he even know any of the people that actually live up there? I doubt it.

Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

Who gives a shit about a lying politician who conspires to defraud the public?   We paid for all his houses and his medical insurance amd his pension for life that he'll receive when he finally leaves office.  He deserves no pity.    You're a dumb ass if you feel sorry for him.   No politician like Kyl deserves any sympathy.    Do some reading once in awhile, not the freaking news.

kelly johnston
kelly johnston

Leave it to an idiot at New Times to make fun of someone's potential tragedy. I wonder how James King would feel if a fire or natural disaster wiped out what he owned... or is the concept of property ownership at odds with his Marxist leanings?  


Slow news day, huh James?  While you're at it, can you find out what he had for lunch?

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