Protest Vigil Scheduled Against Inhumane Immigrant Detention at Pinal County Jail July 7

dignity not detention.jpg
Vigil for Dignity not Detention.
Immigration activists plan to protest the federal government's worst immigrant-detention facility in Arizona.
​Immigrant-rights activists are planning to hold a protest vigil at the Pinal County Jail July 7 in hope of pushing the federal government to end its immigrant-detention contract with the county.

It'll start at 6:30 and end at 9:30.

Their demonstration follows our cover story on the terrible treatment of immigrant detainees by the federal government's contractors, especially the good folks at the Pinal County Jail, and the release of an ACLU report chronicling systemic problems in Arizona's immigrant-detention facilities.

The ACLU specifically called for the "inhumane" detention wing at the Pinal County Jail to be closed down by the feds.

You can read our feature for full details on the big business of immigrant detention but the situation, in brief, is this: immigrants waiting for deportation or immigration court dates are held at five separate long-term detention facilities in Florence and Eloy.

Although all of them are tough places for immigrants, especially those who are only guilty of immigration violations, none are worse than the Pinal County Jail, where immigrants are not allowed to go outside or see their families.

Immigration and Customers Enforcement responded to the ACLU report yesterday with a press release promising to investigate conditions in immigration-detention facilities.

We'll believe it when we see it.

Activists from Phoenix and Tucson are organizing carpools for anyone who wants to head down but might not want to drive, so check it out and get in on the action.

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This is bulls** husband is one of those inmates and it is ridiculous!!! my 3 year old little girl is going to grow up without her daddy because they are going to make him go back to his country where he cant even speak the language or anything!!! i drove all the way from tampa florida to the pinal county jail to visit him so he could see his daughter before he left and were only able to see him in person for an hour or so!!! will somebody please tell me how to explain to a 3 year old that they will never see their daddy again...


My God, they swarm in like roaches and expect what?


Everyone is talking about they do not support illegal immigrants....ok....but what about their family....hardship on the kids who are US Citizens and hardship on the single parent....the child/children should not have to leave their country as US Citizens and move to the country their parents are from....what about one parent being a US Citizen....then the immigration wants to call the parents in their county to return their US Citizen (child) how is that possible?  The child/children belong with their parents....this just dont make sense....think people think....they are just breaking up will they feel if it was their family????

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