Gary Whalen, Conservative Phoenix City Council Candidate, Arrested in Domestic Violence, Assault on "Boyfriend" in January

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Gary Whalen is running for Phoenix City Council's District 1.
Just four days after Gary Whalen signed up to run for the Phoenix City Council in January, police report that they arrested him at his North Phoenix home for getting into a fight with his ex-boyfriend.

We left a message for Whalen, who qualified for the ballot on May 27 to run for the District 1 seat.

New Times placed two more calls to the phone number listed on Whalen's website, Facebook page and on the campaign documents filed with the Phoenix City Clerk, only the man who answered twice said he was not Whalen.

He told New Times he doesn't know how his phone number ended up on Whalen's paperwork.

Whalen, 42, is one of three candidates challenging incumbent Thelda Williams for the District 1 seat. He pledges "conservative leadership," has a blog page on Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots' site, and notes on his website that he was educated at the Legionaries of Christ Seminary in Connecticut.

According to police records, the candidate also has a bit of a temper:

Whalen's neighbor called 911 on January 23, to report a fight after hearing "Gary's voice screaming and yelling" at someone in the house and "crashing sounds coming from inside."

Police reports state that Whalen came home from a bar, apparently intoxicated, and kicked in his 27-year-old roommates' locked bedroom door, grabbed a piece of broken molding, and whacked repeatedly at his partner, striking him only once in his "inner left thigh."

From the report:
Q. How frequently and seriously does your partner intimidate you or threaten you?
A. Only when Gary drinks.

When cops arrived at Whalen's house, they found Daevon Turner locked outside, standing in front of the home in his underwear.

Turner told police that he was lying in bed when Whalen started pounding on his bedroom door "with such force that it eventually broke. He said Whalen picked up a piece of wood and told him to pack up his belongings and get out."

Police wrote that Whalen was "extremely rude and uncooperative," smelled of alcohol, and that his speech was slurred. He refused to open the screen door through which he was talking to cops. When they asked him whether he "kicked in a bedroom door or if he had struck...Daevon with a broken piece of wood," he refused to answer and said only that "the black male standing behind [the cop] was a transient and this situation was over with."

When they asked him why a "man wearing only his underwear was standing in his front yard," Whalen said he didn't know the man and that he "must have got dropped off out front."

The cops tricked Whalen into opening the door, telling him that if he would just give them some clothing for Turner, they would leave and "be done with this call."

Whalen walked away and came back to the door with a blue bathrobe for Turner, a man he had just claimed not to know. And when he opened the door to hand the cops the robe, they grabbed his wrist and arrested him.

Inside the house, cops found the bedroom door busted and confirmed that Turner lived with Whalen after he showed them mail addressed to him at the home. Whalen's neighbor also told cops that he'd seen Turner at the house and believed he lived there.

Just a few minutes after hanging up with the man who claimed he was not Whalen, we received a call from the same phone number -- a number our caller ID identified as belonging to "Whalen, Gary."

The unidentified male told New Times he called Daevon Turner, the man who was involved in the January 23 disturbance with Whalen, and that Turner explained to him that this case didn't have anything to do with Gary Whalen.

In fact, the caller told us that it was actually a person named Gaby Whalen who was arrested on that night, not Gary Whalen. The police report obtained by New Times says Whalen showed police his identification, and Gary Whalen is listed as the individual who was arrested and booked.

The caller persisted in defending Gary Whalen, who he said he didn't know. He says Gary Whalen's only connection is that he owns the house where the altercation took place between Gaby Whalen and Daevon Turner.

The caller also told New Times that Turner filed a letter with Phoenix Municipal Court explaining that it was a Gaby Whalen who was involved that night, not Gary Whalen.

We asked if the caller could give us contact information for either Gaby Whalen or Daevon Turner, but he wouldn't provide any.

Stay tuned as we attempt to sort this out.

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I thought new times was a liberal paper. Why all the hatred of gay men? Monica Alonzo got her child taken away from her for beating him because he is gay. I have never seen any paper go after someone with such hatred just because he is gay. I guess that's why they have lost all of their gay advertisers. Who are they going after next? Strippers and prostitutes? Who will advertise after that happens?


So that probably kills the Equality Arizona endorsement for Whalen, right?


Once again rush to judgement is all over this one, why is it people tend to believe the worst of other before they hear both sides of the story and seems to me that all to often reporters don't get all the facts and then print retractions all the last page of the paper after they've done the damage.This maybe a little sef promoting but Mr. Whalen will be on our show today so if you'd like to hear his side callin and ask him before hanging him. God Bless You All; Van the Radio Man

Pit Boss
Pit Boss

"Police reports state that Whalen ...  grabbed a piece of broken molding, and whacked repeatedly at his partner, striking him only once in his "inner left thigh."

Sounds like he was going for his butthole and missed.


Ex-boyfriend mugshot -

You should check out his rap sheet. Theft, shoplifting, marijuana possession, narcotics paraphenalia, failure to appear.

Looks like GaryGaby has a weakness for the bad boys. 


So is "Gaby Whalen" his drag name?

It's not so catchy, but I guess Ivana Mandalay and Sofonda Cox were already taken.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

[..."Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots and notes on his website that he was educated at the Legionaries of Christ Seminary in Connecticut.

According to police records, the candidate also has a bit of a temper."]

Shucks, he could be senate president one day soon.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Oh brother..

Another weenie flopping right winger seems to have fallen out of the sordid Phoenix sky.


So much for right wing conservative "Family Values" LOL

Pit Boss
Pit Boss

Apparently he's also a size queen.


Maybe the "Gaby Whalen" drag name is kind of smart.

It might be short for Gay Be Whalen on his Boyfriend. 

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