Morning Poll: Should Gary Whalen, Wannabe Conservative Politico Arrested for Assault on Boyfriend, End Campaign?

Phoenix City Council hopeful Gary Whalen.
While he wasn't caught with a dead woman, or a live boy, conservative Phoenix City Council wannabe Gary Whalen did get arrested for a domestic-violence assault on his then-live-in boyfriend just days after registering to run for office -- a little factoid he probably wishes New Times hadn't unearthed.

Then, it appears, Whalen flat-out lied to a reporter when confronted with the information.

If there are already bipartisan calls for New York Congressman Anthony Weiner to resign over a few cock shots -- and the lies that followed -- what's to happen to a wannabe conservative politico who was arrested for assaulting his boyfriend? Should he end his campaign?

If you're not familiar with Whalen's January assault on his then-live-in ex-boyfriend, click here.

New Times already has put an end to one campaign in this year's City Council race -- and that was only over a 15-year-old drug conviction.

Last month, hotel owner Ben Bethel ended his City Council campaign after we discovered that he has a 1996 conviction for selling dangerous drugs and narcotics.

In resigning, Bethel noted that "sensational journalism will win out over my efforts to make this a better city, so I'll focus these efforts outside of council, and I'll still get a lot done."

Read all about Bethel's brief council bid here.

We want to know what you think: should Whalen follow Bethel's lead and call it quits on his campaign now that his dirty laundry's been aired?

Cast your vote below.

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J Curwen
J Curwen

I think he should run, just for the entertainment value.


You know, if you expect every corrupt politician in this state to resign, who would be left?

Jon Altmann, ISCS, USN - Ret
Jon Altmann, ISCS, USN - Ret

Mr. Whalen also mis-represented himself at the Memorial Day observance at the National Cemetery - telling even organizers he was there to "represent Council District 1" and was allowed on stage with other legitimate dignataries from Veterans Service Organizations.  I filed a verbal complaint with the committee managing event.  As a national vice president of a major veterans service organization and officer in a local veterans military post, I, and others, were appalled that a political office seeker would use a veterans' memorial to further a political campaign.  I am not aware that Mr. Whalen has served our nation nor is an officer in any veterans service organization.


He should continue running, under his drag name, "Gaby." As in Gay be Whalen on his boyfriend.


What an ass. You know that he was invited to that event.

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