Morning Poll -- Ethnic Studies: Is Arizona Schools Superintendent John Huppenthal a Liar?

John Huppenthal's claim that Tucson's ethnic-studies course is illegal probably was "not intended to be a factual statement."
Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal came to the conclusion earlier this week that the Tucson Unified School District's ethnic-studies course is illegal.

Huppenthal cited an audit of the course by the Cambium Learning Group as the basis for his claim.

He may have been under the impression that nobody was going to actually look at the audit, because it states that there is nothing illegal about the course.

"During the curriculum audit period, no observable evidence was present to suggest that any classroom within the Tucson Unified School District is in direct violation of the law," the audit finds.

See New Times' story on Huppenthal's whopper here.

Huppenthal's response to allegations that he straight-up lied about the audit: "[I] should have been more clear" when describing the evidence he used to make the finding.

If you ask us, Huppenthal took a page out of Senator Jon Kyl's book when it comes to things that are "intended to be a factual statement" because the guy straight-up lied.

But we want to know what you think: did Huppenthal lie about the audit, or should he have been "more clear?"

Cast your vote below.

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Concerned Citizen 


Huppenthal is just another bigmouth scumbag talking out of his ass! Telling lies, to suit his own agenda. Then when he's told things that go against his racist beliefs, he stumbles, andBack peddles, looking like the old fool he is! Since when is it a crime to learn about onesHeritage?


RU Kiddin'?

Is Bobby high on solvents?

Is MaxOnePercent the third in Fox and Black's threeforall?

Of course! 


Is Huppenthal a Republinut?

If he's a Republican, he's a liar.

US War Veteran
US War Veteran

Yes he is, and he lied to keep on pace with the GOP/CCA/Corporations agenda: Create more inmates.  You see, MAS and ethnic studies is a very succesfull program for latino, native american, asian american, african american, etc. kids that has a higher graduation rate than students that dont enroll in it, by taking away this program they take away a program that graduates more HS and college minority students, therefore in their views more minority "under-educated" minimum wage earners are morelikely to commit crimes and end up in jail/prison, putting more money in private prison's pockets and by default more money in the pockets of the "brewers, arpaios, and pearces" in the form of "contributions" or "Fiesta Bowl trips/tickets".  Its all about money, SB1070 is part of this Master Plan.

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