Missing: One Human Leg Severed During Hit-and-Run Accident

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A man is dead and his leg is now missing following a hit and run incident early yesterday morning.

According to the Mesa Police Department, cops were called to the 400 block of West Broadway Raod about 2:30 a.m. yesterday after two men reportedly were hit by a car.

The responding officers found the two 25-year-old men unresponsive in the street with life-threatening injuries.

They were taken to Scottsdale Osborne Hospital where one of them died -- his leg, however, never made it to the hospital and is now missing.

The other man is in critical condition.

As for the leg, Mesa Detective Ed Wessing says it's possible it's with the vehicle suspected of hitting the two men.

The suspect vehicle is described as a teal, two-door Honda passenger car, possibly a Civic.

Wessing says the car has to be a little banged up, too -- it lost both side mirrors and probably sustained severe damage to its front end as a result of the collision. Pieces of the vehicle were found at the collision scene.

Anyone with information about the car -- or the leg -- should call the Mesa Police Department.

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Tsk, tsk... it's always better to stop and face the situation full-on.  The driving away and subsequent cover-up gets you in much more serious trouble than the initial event.  Generally, it is fairly defensible if you are driving at night and don't see the people in the road, which I am sure happened.  Hardly anyone is going to do this on purpose.... but they panic and run.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

It's more likely the suspect stopped the car a short distance away to see what damages there were to the car, and saw the remaining portion of the leg at which time that portion of the appendage was likely tossed into the very closest dumpster or trash can. Unless the stench of rotting human flesh attracts someone to it, the appendage probably made it to the transfer station and then to the landfill.

If someone who knows the driver/owner of the car cares and reports the damaged vehicle to the police, there should be bits and pieces of evidence still attached... even if the vehicle has been washed.

Native Guns
Native Guns

I'm sure Jeffrey Dahmer would love to have it, if he were still alive.

Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer

I will suspiciously eye all dogs burying stuff on my way home tonight.

Dark Man
Dark Man

The missing limb, is probaby still attached to the suspected vehicle. Given to the heat outside, it will surely decompose rather quickly. A stench will then usurp the surround area near the vehicle. Someone will notice in a matter of time. The severed leg may end up  being infested by flies and maggots once its located. It's probably not a good idea to return it to the deceased.

Johnny Skee Mask
Johnny Skee Mask

Unless the driver is dumb enough to continue driving the very same vehicle the next day, in which a human remain was purported to have been stuck somewhere on the front end of the car. The murder weapon with four wheels shouldn't be too hard to locate on the public roads. That dude is gonna be in serious shit once he's nabbed in a matter of hours.

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