Keith Kiefer, Puppy Love Perv, Gets Probation for Using Craigslist to Solicit Sex With Dog

Keith Kiefer has, um, hang-dog expression after his arrest.
Keith Kiefer, one of two men arrested earlier this year for trying to solicit a dog for sex via-Craigslist, was in Maricopa County Superior Court this morning where he was sentenced to two years' probation after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit bestiality.

Kiefer pleaded guilty to the crime in May.

Kiefer was arrested in February after an investigation by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office revealed that he and another man, Patrick Trejo, a 25-year-old music teacher at Raul H. Castro Middle School in Phoenix, were using Craigslist to try to find dog owners willing to offer up their pooches for sex.

It apparently didn't occur to the two men that for a small adoption fee they could have gone to their local animal shelter and picked up their own dog -- but maybe they just wanted to play the field.

An investigation into the Trejo and Kiefer began in December after sheriff's deputies "became aware" that people were using Craigslist to try and nail non-humans.

The two were arrested after they allegedly agreed to meet a dog and its owner at a hotel for sex. In reality, they met MCSO deputies who took them into custody.

Trejo and Kiefer aren't the only Valley residents with a case of puppy love -- click here for another recent story about human/canine fornication.

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Nicole Allen53
Nicole Allen53

That is so gross. If they like it RUFF they should of been put in jail.


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