Joe Arpaio and Ted Nugent Share "Friendly Dinner." Of Course, Fox News Was Invited, Too. Hilarity/Lunacy Ensues

Joe Arpaio had dinner with this guy last night. As always, the media was invited.
If you're a washed up, ex-celebrity, and you spend even a second with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, expect the media to be there, too. Just ask Steven Seagal.

The latest has-been to get some air time compliments of the sheriff: the "Motor City Madman" himself, Ted Nugent.

Nugent's been rolled out by the sheriff for media charades in the past -- he's a captain in Arpaio's amateur band of pseudo-security guards -- so it's no surprise that Arpaio (and Phoenix's Fox affiliate) tried to disguise the publicity stunt as "two friends from some very different backgrounds just having dinner." 

Nugent and the sheriff dined at Bobby Q's last night, and were kind enough/desperate enough for publicity to let MyFoxPhoenix "crash the party."

Hilarity/lunacy ensued. See below.

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