Jared Loughner's Courtroom Outburst: a Clarification -- Refers to Judge as "Your Cheesiness"

loughner mugshot.jpg
Jared Loughner
When Tucson shooting suspect Jared Loughner was in court last month, there was confusion over what he said to the judge during an outburst that got him booted from the courtroom.

Most of the media quoted him as saying "thank you for the freak show. She died in front of me."

Translating the ramblings of a seriously mentally ill man can be challenging, and according to recently released court transcripts, the court reporter quoted his outburst a little differently, including Loughner's apparently referring to U.S. District Judge Larry Burns as "your cheesiness."

"Thank you for the free kill. She died in front of me. Your cheesiness," Loughner apparently said, according to transcripts first obtained by the Associated Press.

He was removed from the courtroom.

When he was brought back in, Loughner was given the option of remaining in the courtroom, or watching the proceedings on a TV screen from another room.

"I want to watch the TV screen," Loughner responded.

Later in the hearing, Burns ruled that Loughner was not mentally fit to stand trial.

Loughner later was taken to a prison hospital in Springfield, Missouri, where the goal is to get him to voluntarily take medication to restore his competency. He can be held for up to four months before another competency hearing can take place.

If Loughner refuses to take medication, the judge can order him involuntarily medicated.

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Ed Chiarini
Ed Chiarini

go to wellaware1.com for the truth in this matter.  The Mainstream Media is not to be trusted. Like you didn't know that already.


How about using him for target practice with BB guns until he is dead?  Screw crazy...he was very aware of what he was doing and executed his plan with a great deal of precision.  These are the types of cases that we waste to much time and resources on.  The crime he committed should mean his life is over and we shouldn't waste a dime on keeping him alive or rehabilitation for such offenders.  That is an insult to the victims and their families.

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