Hit-and-Run Driver Arrested. Victim's Leg Still M.I.A.

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Mesa Police Department
Jose Padilla-Rodriguez
Mesa police arrested a man they say is responsible for a fatal hit-and-run incident early Sunday morning, during which one of the victims' legs was severed.

The leg, however, was not found at the scene.

Police suspected the leg might have become attached to the vehicle that hit the two 25-year-old victims, but Mesa Sergeant Ed Wessing says the vehicle has been recovered, and 27-year-old Jose DeJesus Padilla-Rodriguez is in custody for the hit-and-run, but the leg is still missing.

Padilla-Rodriguez was arrested yesterday afternoon after a concerned Mesa woman recognized a damaged car parked in her apartment complex that was similar to one she'd heard about in the media in connection with the hit and run.

When police arrived, they found a green Toyota Celica with damage consistent with a car that had recently run over two grown men -- there was damage to the windshield, dents, and both side mirrors had been knocked off.

As police approached the car, a windshield repair man was already there assessing the damage. Police found the man to whom the car was registered and paid him a visit.

The owner of the car told police he'd loaned it to his friend, Padilla-Rodriguez, and it was never returned. Padilla-Rodriguez, Wessing says, told the owner of the vehicle the car had been stolen.

When police contacted Padilla-Rodriguez, he confirmed the car owner's story. He said he was driving the car and he knew he'd hit the two men (although, he told police he thought one of the people he hit was a woman), and that he didn't bother to stop.

Padilla-Rodriguez was booked on two counts of failure to stop at a serious injury or fatal collision, and two counts of failure to remain at a serious injury or fatal collision.

The leg, as we mentioned, is still missing.

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Central Scrutinizer
Central Scrutinizer

Yesterday's search for dogs burying stuff on my way home was fruitless. Today I'll look for hobos picking their teeth.


He said he was driving the car and he knew he'd hit the two men (although, he told police he thought one of the people he hit was a woman), and that he DIDN'T BOTHER TO STOP.

Sad because this CREEP will probably be out on BAIL and back on the streets driving...Wonder would he have bothered to stop if he had hit kids?Wonder..should we BOTHER to Feed him while in jail etc.....Nope that's right....now WE are FORCED to use hard earned TAX DOLLARS to Support the Slug

Lycan One
Lycan One

Sounds like you're in the wrong thread there granny. This is New Times, not Faux Noise 10. They nabbed him, he's in jail. Now he's gotta be convicted. Let's hope your wing-nutty pal: Bill Montegomery will see to it that he stays incarcerated in the joker's gulag. Hey you better pray that your Republican pal that you voted for will do his job, son.

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