Fernando Woody, Fetus-Killing Father, Gets 10 Years in Prison for Death of Unborn Baby

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The United States Attorney's Office announced today that a man who killed his unborn baby has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for voluntary manslaughter.

Fernando Woody, 28, of Fort Defiance pleaded guilty to the crime in March.

In his plea, Woody admitted to kicking the pregnant mother of his child in the stomach while wearing boots.

Woody, the U.S. Attorney's Office says, knew the woman was pregnant.

The baby suffered a fractured skull and other injuries as the result of the kick and died in utero.

In addition to the 10 years in prison, Woody will be placed on three years' supervised probation when he's released from the pen.

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Hey, anybody know how many months/weeks pregnant she was?

Just curious...


Forgot. Honestly, the pregnant lady is a whore. She drank while the fetus was in the stomach. She had multiple miscarriages. She shud also be serving time. She a low life women thats still f*ckin around to get beer! Karma is a bitch...hope it gets her 2x as hard in the ass!!


Ummmm....  Star....  that is a very nasty thing to say.  First of all the baby is not in the stomach, it's in the uterus.  Second, even if she does have a drink while pregnant, that means she deserves to be attacked and her baby killed?  You are sick.


Piggy...Exactly the uterus. The lady did not have a drink. She is an alcoholic. Prior to the last miscarriage, she had a few before. Maybe they were both intoxicated..Her and her boyfriend maybe argued and led to a fight? U don't know the people!, and media failed to leave details out.

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