Fabian Cota, Mesa Police Union Official, Reportedly Tells San Diego Cops: "Take Me to Jail ... Dickweeds!"


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Image: Mesa Police Association
Fabian Cota, president of the Mesa Police Association, reportedly called San Diego cops "dickweeds" before being taken in for public drunkenness over the weekend, a police report states.
A San Diego police report shows that Fabian Cota, president of the Mesa Police Association, was trying to protect the honor of a female friend before being handcuffed and hauled off to a drunk tank.

Cota, who's currently on disciplinary probation with Mesa PD, as we reported earlier today, presented a danger to himself or others because he was so wasted, the report states. The cop-on-cop fun began when two of San Diego's finest happened to pull up behind a human-powered "pedi-cab" and noticed two obviously inebriated women stumble out. One of them walked up to a car, keys in hand, slurring her words as she spoke to two men in the pedi-cab.

"You're not going to drive, are you?" one of the cops asked the woman. That was the plan, she informed him. The two cops intervened and asked the pedi-cab to move along.

That's when Cota, one of the pedi-cab riders, spoke up. He became argumentative and accused the officers of harassing the woman:

"Why are you being such dickweeds to her?" he inquired of the cops, according to the report. 

The cop talking to the woman who wanted to drive had to repeat himself several times to be heard over Cota's yelling, even though Cota was 20 feet away, the report states.

"I told Cota to leave because he was intoxicated and would end up in jail if he stayed," Officer Justin Mattly wrote in his report. "Cota said, 'Well take me to jail you fucking dickweeds!"

Cota was asked to step out of the pedi-cab. He told the officers he wanted to find his car so he could leave, the report says. Mattly told him he was too drunk to drive, slapped on some cuffs and drove Cota to "detox." On the way, Cota told the officer he'd intended to drive back to his hotel.

"I asked Cota what hotel he was staying at and he could not remember," Mattly wrote.

At the detox station, a drunk-tank facility, Cota asked to speak to supervisors. He also passed out three times -- once on the way to detox and twice while at the facility, says the report.

San Diego Detective Gary Hassen told New Times earlier today that people taken into custody for public intoxication are often allowed to sober up at the detox station rather than face criminal charges. After a mandatory four-hour stay in the facility, Cota was allowed to leave without further problem and won't be charged.

As our previous blog post mentioned, though, Cota's been assigned to administrative duties in lieu of a possible internal investigation.

This is one hangover sure to leave a lingering headache.


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Mesa alone occupies well over 40 pages of

"Rip Off Reports"... I know people in Mesa

who have been arrested for "suspicious walking".

I, myself, was stopped 47 times on suspicion of

various lies.

You think this is an ACCIDENT?

This is MESA, ARIZONA...it's other name

is "CORRUPT CESSPOOL". If you look in

the Police Department or City Manager's

office for anything other than the lumpy

pieces normally found in such a place,

you look in vain.

Move, and advise any of your friends who

have the option to not spend a penny here.

Or VOTE. Most of the locals don't, which is

why the criminals who pass for a local

"gentry" have controlled everything, almost

unchallenged, for over 150 years.

These are your options.


Forget about reporting police misconduct, fraud, false

reporting, obstruction of justice, or anything else these filth do to the local authorities. All that will do is get you in

MORE trouble. And the more correct you are, the more these filthy scumbags will pursue you!!

Perhaps Federal or Arizona authorities might eventually move, but the City of Mesa is incapable of policing itself.

We don't need more of these sniveling cowards, we need LESS!!!

Go up the ladder, not down. And surely, do not approach their

"Infernal Affairs & Coverup" buffoons.

And the Mayor or City Manager? DUH!!! Why, when bitten by a mad dog, go to the next slobber - mouthed cur and complain???


What do you call a MPA Prez that does NOT go and represent the Past-Prez in the Police Chief's office when he said he would?

Coward--you voted him in!!

Ryan Russell--I thought you were a stand-up kinda guy! I guess when the goin gets tough YOU run the other way!

I hope this is NOT indicative of the rest of your reign as MPA Prez!

You should be ashamed of yourself! Your job is to provide Union Representation!

I'll take Sergeant Cota -oops -Officer Cota any day!

COTA is a stand up kinda guy and always does the right thing!


Yeah well there was no mention of "dickweed" that's how the newspaper puts their spin on everything. Cota asked whom he thought were security guards picking up on young girls, "why are you acting like a dipshit?" Cota was doing the "right thing" like he always does! Does this deserve a demotion?

Mark Garera
Mark Garera

How many times can Cota smack the Mesa Police Department command staff in the face and embarass the fine officers in the department before they take action to correct his untouchable behavior?


Gotta love our police union representatives and the way they represent.  Class act, eh, MPA and APA? You voted him in.


This guy is obviously corrupt and should be fired. With the amount of power and authority they are given there should be no second and third chances. He should be removed and lose all benefits including his retirement. Who knows what else he's done that he hasn't been caught for.

Status quo
Status quo

im a pretty hip guy but what is a dickweed?


It would seem, the only "dickweed" is Fabian Cota. 

Johnny Skee Mask
Johnny Skee Mask

I wish that was Mark Spencer, president of the corrupt anti-law, law enforcement organization PLEA.


It's something you can call cops without getting beaten or pepper-sprayed, but only if you're Fabian Cota. 


I thought the same thing when I originally saw the headline on azcentral which didn't mention which police union in its headline.

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