Maricopa County Animal Shelters "Overflowing" With Chihuahuas

James King
Maricopa County has a problem: It's animal shelters are "overflowing" with chihuahuas.

An earlier chihuahua infestation hit the Valley in December 2009. More on that here.

According to Maricopa County Animal Care and Control, there are about 200 chihuahuas currently bedding down in the county's shelters, and they all need a home.

Some kennels, MCACC spokeswoman Aprille Hollis says, are holding up to four pooches per cage, and with the Fourth of July (one of the MCACC's busiest times of year) fast approaching, the agency needs to free up some space.

Starting today, the MCACC is holding a "Super Chihuahua Adoption Special," during which you'll be able to get your own bug-eyed lapdog for the bargain price of $51 for dogs older than one year old.

The $51 includes spay/neuter surgery, a 4-in-1 vaccination, and a rabies vaccination.

The MCACC's chihuahua sale will run through June 30.

Anyone interested in rescuing a chihuahua can visit the MCACC's website here, or call 602-506-7387.

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I think it's more likely that most small dogs are just marked "chihuahua mix" on the forms by the shelter folks. Just like "lab mix" is used for most medium/large dogs, whether they are or not.


Singer/Comedian Jim Stafford said that when he looked "Chihuahua" up in the dictionary, the definition it gave was "Taco meat."

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