Cab Driver Faces Aggravated Assault Charge in Argument Turned Hit and Run; Witnesses Say Gas Station Hot Dogs at Center of Dispute

Joseph Goldmeer
The victim of a hit and run yesterday afternoon remains in "extremely critical condition," and the cab driver who allegedly ran him over faces assault charges, Phoenix police now say.

Phoenix police confirm that they believe that when 41-year-old cab driver Joseph Goldmeer ran over the 45-year-old victim, he did so intentionally.

About 3 p.m. yesterday, police were called about a hit and run at a Circle K convenience store near 15th Avenue and Indian School Road.

Witnesses told police they watched as the cab driver and the unnamed victim argued inside the store before taking the argument to the parking lot.

Phoenix police did not elaborate on the nature of the dispute, but witnesses tell KPHO hot dogs could be to blame:

"They hit him because they got in an argument because of some kids. The kids were in there getting hot dogs or something," said witness Aaron Kelly.

Then the two took the argument outside. A witness says that's when the verbal disagreement turned physical.

Richard West Jr. says, "They were yelling. The taxi was like that and the victim was like yelling 'I want a ride right now,' and I guess the taxi said, 'No because I am going to pick up somebody,' and then that's when it hit him. It just hit him like that."

Police tracked down Goldmeer after surveillance footage revealed the name of the cab company on his taxi. The company led police to Goldmeer, who was arrested in Gilbert after dropping off another fare.

Goldmeer currently faces one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. According to Phoenix Sergeant Steve Martos, the victim is "fighting for his life."

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Native Guns
Native Guns

And if the victim dies, it will then be upgraded to possibly manslaughter charges? Since it involves a taxi driver, this kinda reminds me of that old reggae song: "Taxi Driver Won't Stop For Me" by (Steel Pulse?)

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