Bristol Palin's New Book: Calls Out McCain Family for Being Too Bourgeois, Ex-Fiancée for Adultery

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Briston Palin coddles baby Tripp on the cover
Short-lived Arizona resident Bristol Palin puts her baby daddy, Levi Johnston, and the family of her mother's one-time running mate, Senator John McCain, on blast in her new memoir Not Afraid Of Life: My Journey So Far.


The book, set to come out Friday, bad-mouths McCain's wife, Cindy, and daughter, Meghan, characterizing the duo as paranoid and often overbearing.

In the book, portions of which can be found on the Amazon website, Palin writes that she "had a sneaking suspicion I might need to watch my back" when dealing with the McCain women and that Cindy and Meghan gave her a pompous cold shoulder upon their first meeting.

"Every time we saw Meghan, she seemed to be constantly checking us out, comparing my family to hers and complaining," Palin writes. "Oh the complaining."

She also claims Cindy "held herself like royalty" and demanded to be the godmother of her 2-year-old son and one of the first to hold him after his birth.

Palin then turned her malicious pen on her ex-fiancée, lambasting him for his inability to keep it in his pants.

In addition to calling him a "gnat," Palin writes, he "cheated on me about as frequently as he sharpened his hockey skates."

Also included in Palin's Pandora's Box is the tragic yarn of how she drunkenly lost her virginity to Johnston on a camping trip.

Apparently it was a little underwhelming. Palin writes the experience "wasn't that meaningful" to her.

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Briston Palin doesn’t have a vicious bone in her body. This short article is just an excuse to take a swipe at anyone named “Palin.” What she wrote in the book about the McCain’s is the plain truth, so, PNT, don’t shoot the messenger. Meghan McCain is an obnoxious, mouthy girl who would have never been heard of had she not been a senator’s daughter. Bristol Palin regrets the mistake she made in her life and is now helping other young girls and urging them not to make the same mistake. What’s Meghan doing with her time but spouting off? Though she’s not perfect, most people would prefer to have Bristol for a daughter or grand-daughter than the arrogant, rude Meghan. Talk to the two of them and you’ll find Bristol a much more respectable person that MM.


Wait a minute. She did not say that she lost her virginity. That would be taking responsibility for her actions - not a "Palin" kind of thing to do.  Saying that her virginity was "stolen" while she was unconscious (after blacking out on wine coolers?) is an accusation of rape.

Another of the Palin clan personifies the term "white trash." How predictable.

Brandt Hardin
Brandt Hardin

Like mother, like daughter.  Bristol is selling herself in any form or fashion just like Sarah, tomake that money.  Talk about some successfulcapitalists- all body and no brains.  Seewhat they’re willing to do for the cash at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot...


it's bad enough the other one gets all this publicity.

we don't need another one. the sad thing is had the media left her alone she would have faded away. Instead we are bombarded by the half term half wit every step of the way.

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