Alleged South Phoenix Rapist Dejuan Donaldson Pleads Not Guilty

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Dejuan Donaldson says he didn't rape three girls in south Phoenix. DNA, according to police, says otherwise.
Dejuan Donaldson, the alleged south Phoenix rapist, was in Maricopa County Superior Court yesterday, where he pleaded not guitly to charges he sexually assaulted three young girls as they walked to school.

The 18-year-old Donaldson, who was placed on suicide watch shortly after his arrest, has been hit with a laundry list of crimes for alleged sexual assaults over the past several months on three young girls as they walked to school in two south Phoenix neighborhoods. Donaldson lived in each neighborhood at the time of the attacks. When he moved from one neighborhood to the other, the sexual assaults of young girls followed.

The first attack happened on November 22, as the 10-year-old victim was walking to school near 15th Avenue and Southern. According to authorities, the girl was dragged into a vacant home and raped at knife-point before she was released.

The second attack occurred on January 10, in roughly the same area. In that case, the suspect kidnapped the 12-year-old victim as she walked to school and took her to the same abandoned house and assaulted her.

The most recent attack happened on April 25, when authorities say Donaldson forced a 17-year-old South Mountain High School student into a vacant home near 7th Street and Baseline Road and assaulted her.

After the third attack, according to court documents obtained by New Times, Donaldson -- for whatever reason -- set the house on fire.

Donaldson has been linked to each assault by DNA evidence recovered from the victims' bodies, and in one case his fingerprints were discovered on one of the girl's cellphone. Yet, his family, and even his pregnant girlfriend, are convinced the cops got it wrong -- they say he's being framed.

See video of Donaldson's family disputing the charges -- compliments of ABC15 -- below.

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The raper next door
The raper next door



What the fuck, dude ?!?!

He is an 18 year old kid, arguably handsome, with a pretty (and pregnant) fiance', a life in the "burbs", and family willing to back his play. No immediate allegations of abuse and no priors. None of this comports to the character of a man who rapes. If I have my suspicions of his culpability in these crimes it is due to the proximity of them to DeJuan's changing locations.  The  question is "why".Suicide watch ?... I can guess that self inflicted death at 18 is more agreeable than what he's facing for the next dozen years.

And to his Mom, Mrs. Donaldson, I will say that while I appreciate her attitude and the comment she made about her son's DNA as a potential verifier of his guilt, I, myself, knowing what I know about the science of DNA, cannot support her in that position. The science of DNA, like all things in our world is imperfect.It can be incorrectly handled.It can be bastardized.It can be a planted evidence.But I'm not seeing reason for the PPD to go after DeJuan just to close the books on a crime spree. He's not a ghetto gangsta - he's a just a kid. But he may also be a rapist of children and that ain't cool at all. I have to ask myself why these kind of chomo stories are so common today.Steve Tracy

Pill Popin Hellbilly
Pill Popin Hellbilly

typical nigger crime. typical nigger.  this tar baby is not a black person. blacks work jobs and pay bills and dont commit crimes. niggers do not work and niggers commit crimes. there is a difference. even stand up comic chris rock said in his HBO special, even he dont like a nigger. blacks play blues music, niggers sing rap.


Very true, but as we  read these posts, DNA test results have not come back as of yet to even say or prove he has committed theses crime.....So why is Mr. Donaldson incarcerated at this very present moment????? warrant warrented on a lie, and the reasoning for the PPD to go after Mr. Donaldon is for the same reason they go after other innocent people. the PPD commit crimes everyday against innocent people and against there selves.

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