U.S. Supreme Court: Arizona's Employer Sanctions Law A-OK

In a 5-3 vote, the U.S. Supreme Court has sustained Arizona's employer sanctions law.

The law forces employers to check the immigration status of employees, and allows the state to penalize businesses that hire illegal immigrants.

The court's ruling doesn't address SB 1070, Arizona's controversial immigration law. However, it indicates that the majority of the court is willing to give states a little wiggle room when it comes to immigration issues.

In the court's ruling, Chief Justice John Roberts writes that the law "falls well within the confines of the authority Congress chose to leave to the states."

"Arizona's procedures simply implement the sanctions that Congress expressly allowed the states to pursue through licensing laws," Roberts continues. "Given that Congress specifically preserved such authority for the States, it stands to reason that Congress did not intend to prevent the States from using appropriate tools to exercise that authority."

Justices Stephen Breyer, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and Sonia Sotomayor, all Democratic appointees, opposed the law, while Justice Elena Kagan didn't participate in the case because she worked on it while serving as President Barack Obama's solicitor general.

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This to inform you of a person living and working in the United States illegally. The names that this person assumes are as follows: Gabriela Sanchez (her niece), Karla P. Durazo (her aunt), Patty Durazo (her sister),Julieta Sanchez (her aunt), Patty Sanchez (her sister/her niece) Rocio Sanchez (her sister), Mayra Viramontes (her cousin), Karen Durazo (her cousin),Kenya Durazo (hercousin), Karina Sanchez (her cousin).All of the names assumed by her can be substantiated through her facebook account which is under the name Gabby Sanchez.Her Employer is: Dr. Larry Stark   3201 W. Peoria Ave # A-100   Phoenix, AZ 85029Her assumed Social Security # is her Aunt's Soc. Sec. # 611-32-7757 (Karla P. Durazo) who actually lives in California.She drives a pathfinder with AZ lic. # AHT4587 Her address is: 2220 W. Mission Ln. #1095 (which is in Larry Starks name /  Phoenix, AZ 85017    co-signed for)  SRP Acct # 919-863-000    (which is in Larry Starks name)Her Phone # 602-628-3116   (which is in Larry Starks name)Family Assistance Administration Case # 00564738 (Gabriela Sanchez)Dental work provided under the name Patty Sanchez. And full medical (BCBS)is paid for by Larry StarkHer sons name is Carlos Flores-Sanchez and he graduated from Cortez High School.She was raised by her Grandmother who was a whore in Mexico. This young woman makes it easier for other illegals to obtain medications includingnarcotics and evade citizenship tests through the Doctors office that she works in.Also supplying them with false identification and documentation. I am very concerned about the illegal activities (Document Fraud, Identity Theft, Conducting crimes in America) that she is involved in. Please address the above issues as soon as possible.

Concerned Citizen 

Dave Francis
Dave Francis


The American people finally have their interests recognized,by the Supreme Court of the land, asserting that Arizona's federal mandatoryE-Verify was upheld. Today it’s a major victory for the American workers and akilling stroke to the US Chamber of Commerce and an attempt by the Departmentof Justice to protect illegal aliens in the workplace. This will strengthenenforcement by attrition in every business and control penalties withbusinesses that don't comply. It gives all states the right to implement andmandate the E-Verify program and open the door to hefty fines, loss ofbusiness licenses, assets and the risk of prison.

Other states will nowfollow the example of Arizona and those who don't, will be in the forefront ofmass evacuations from these hard policing states to states as the SanctuaryState of California, Nevada and Utah. In a 5-3 victory the justices, repudiatedthe pro-illegal politicians, Governors, Mayors and lower ranks of leftist andRino Republicans. 

Nothing will do more, including the fence, to retardfuture illegal immigration occupation and accelerate the departure of thecurrent 20 million illegal populations than taking away the job magnet. This isa significant win as other States following Arizona's lead, could have been crushedif the verdict had gone the alternative route. The American workers now havethe impetus, to push the Congress and with the help of the monolithicTea Party to mandate E-Verify nationwide.  This will mean thepropagation of E-Verify, with audits on all manner of business, includingcontractors and sub-contractors in every occupation. American labor must uniteto uncover unscrupulous companies from large to small, who are using discountservices. More and more patriotic Citizens and residents are joining other"Whistle Blowers" in contacting ICE and local police, of illegalaliens working in construction, manufacturing and thousands of otherindustries. 

Another issue that many states see as a major peril to our sovereigntyrights is illegal aliens using the absentee ballot system to vote in elections.New York, Colorado, New Jersey, Texas are being investigated by state AttorneyGeneral commissions. Acorn is still a major player and although dissolved onpaper, is still involved in the registration racket. There are occurrences inCalifornia and Nevada of manipulation of voter rolls.

Can any American citizen or green card holder imagine what this country waslike thirty years ago, before the illegal immigrant invasion? How many hundredsof billions of dollars, perhaps even a Trillion in three decades? Fewer illegalaliens meant fewer taxes to support the huge support mechanism that we havetoday? An example would be California, was a less congested place, where therewas room to breathe? Just think were those taxes to subsidize illegalimmigrants today could be highly beneficial, if it was spent on our own population.

Education, for instance is forced on us, by a federal court that we mustpay the schooling for every child of illegal immigrants. Then we have healthcare that the courts say, that anybody who breaks the law to come here isentitled to treatment. Remember in1912 the Titanic sunk, but not because of theiceberg above the Atlantic Ocean, but what was ominously concealed beneath thesurface?  

This is the same story with illegal immigration and the failureto place, 5000 "boots on ground. “of the each border States NationGuardsman permanently?   I was astounded to read a "Wikileaks"secret document, that the border is intentionally left open for the clandestinearrangement to merge Canada, Mexico and the United States. You have a chance toread these reports at Wikileaks website, under the headline, "Viewingcable 05OTTAWA268, PLACING A NEW NORTH AMERICAN INITIATIVE." This is aserious situation concocted by the Canadian Paul CELLUCCI and American Ambassador,which seems to never have been observed by Congress.

From both parties are hundreds of thousands, tens of millions finding thatthe TEA PARTY, doesn't discriminate against race or religion. That these peopleare delusion by the Liberals, democrats and Republicans, that are not doingenough to stop the in-sourcing of illegal immigrants or outsourcing of jobs toforeign countries. Cafta and Nafta was a massive mistake as the whole “FREETRADE AGEEMENTS” have been detrimental to our society. We are importingeverything from a nail file to steel, at far below the cost of doing businesshere? Once a lender of billions of dollars, we must now go cap in hand toCommunist China, that owns our debts. We are the greatest market in the world,but our commerce is undercut by artificially engineering their currencies. Theonly winners in this commercial game are the importers of inferior products,who are profiting.  

As Billionaire DonaldTrump we should place a 25 % import tax on everything coming to our country,and begin to rebuild our manufacturing industries again.  An intentional failure of every administrationto secure our borders or enact laws that would obstruct foreign national at theborder, or a tracking system to deport visa overstays. E-Verify will eradicatethis problem of the issuance of a Secure Communities law, to enforce that everypolice department fingerprint and send those scans to ICE. If you want lessgovernment, a fair Tax system, individual responsibility and the return of federalexcessive power to the states, join the Tea Party in your local area.

Tell your Federal, State or locallawmaker, unless they join the TEA PARTY, they will be out of office in 2012.

Contactthem at Senate—202-224–3121/ House—202-225–3121.


Victory at last!!!!!!! This is great news for all working Americans!  Just wait, the path is now wide-open for a nation-wide e-verify law.  Members of congress are already drafting the bill right now, and Obama won't have any choice but to sign it into law (at least not if he wants to get re-elected).  Great news!!!!


A small victory for dangerously corrupt politicians like Pearce, Arpaio, Horne, and Brewer.

Just wait until 1070 hits the U.S. Supreme Court.....


More people have been deported under Obama than Bush.  i wonder where you get your 20 million figure???  Please cite.  The most often quoted figures in the media are 11 to 12 million.

Lotta verbage in your post but little substance.  The ONLY people facing competition from undocumented workers are high school drop-outs.  READ labor economist David Card.  In the meantime, maybe you can show me some unemployed U.S. citizens who are just dying to perform stoop labor!!!

PS: No one is going to listen to TRUMPED from now due to his bafoonery. You'd be a fool of you did.


No illegal alien will ever be charged or convicted for violation of this law.  The right wing leadership of the Chamber of Commerce, however, has something to worry about -- that is, if those in Arizona law non-enforcement stop ignoring violations.


Agreed Jason.  Gotta admit, I am ok with Employer Sanctions so long as they enforce it as it is meant to...go after the business and put some teeth into it.  Though I don't know that will happen as those are their campaign contributors.

1070 is a whole different matter.


"Though I don't know that will happen as those are their campaign contributors."

Right. Which means that SMALL businesses had better watch out. Those big enough to keep the politicos greased will continue to get away with whatever they do.

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