Tea Party, Meet the Tequila Party; Latinos Launching Vote Drive Organization

DeeDee Blase is taking a shot at changing Latino voting habits.
DeeDee Blase, Arizona's Republican immigration activist, has a message for the Tea Party:

"Move aside, the Tequila Party is here," she said at an afternoon press conference.

The Tequila Party is a non-partisan voter-registration outfit designed to increase Latino political participation across the country.

Blase announced at today's event that the group plans on hosting concerts and parties all across the country, from Los Angeles to Miami, to register voters.

Blase said there are 20 million eligible Latino voters in the United States, and she wants to get each of them.

Despite their growing number as a percentage of the U.S. population, Latinos just aren't voting. Sixteen percent of the country's population is Latino, but only seven percent voted in last year's election, according to MSNBC.

The Pew Hispanic Center reported last month that 14.7 million Latino voters didn't vote in last year's election, which was a record for the group, according to the Washington Post.

Blase's group is looking to change that with live events and musica, and hopes to attract Tea Party-style crowds to future events.

"The Tea Party didn't start as a large movement," she stated.

But the Tea Party didn't have Tequila.

Correction: this post originally reported that Voto Latino was working in conjunction with the Tequila Party. A Voto Latino employee, Samuel Ramirez, was present at the press conference but, according to Voto Latino, he was not there as a partner on behalf of Voto Latino. We regret the error.

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Dee Dee's Tequilla party is drunk on all forms of Amnesty and Dream Act. She is an outright useful idiot that believes her efforts will grow strength in Hispanic Republicans. Her, and the likes of her will play into the hands of the Democrats in there effort to bring millions of illegals into the dem party agend of instant dem citizens voters via amnesty. Pray for DeeDee, forshe knows not what she is doing

Emiliano Zapata
Emiliano Zapata

Dee Dee Blase is a shameless self promoter with delusions of grandeur. Her little group Citizens for Better Government took out petitions against Russell Pierce and, after all her bluster and "press conferences" didn't gather a single signature. If you look on the Somos Republicans website, it's all pictures of Dee Dee. I question whether or not there are any other members.

Don't take this broad seriously. She hasn't accomplished a damn thing and her Tequila Party is a fucking joke.

Native Guns
Native Guns

I don't know if this would be any different from the "Coffee Party" that surfaced a year or two ago. Which tried in vain to bill itself as a "moderate movement" and rationality, after all that "screaming" and "yelling" from the likes of lunatic fringers at town hall meetings. That died down. Perhaps this movement may survive longer than the faux "Coffee" movement? We'll see.


Dee Dee is a typical Republican... BIMBO AIRHEAD.


The Tequila Party was a failed idea from the Democrats. Then the Hispanics got angry because it added to a negative stereotype that Hispanics are a bunch of drunks so the Dems soon dropped that idea.

Dee Dee is cuter version of Carlos Galindo.... ego-driven and just dying for attention. But she likes to take other people's ideas and actions and claim them as her own. She did that with the Utah Compact. She did that with the Recall Pearce Effort (as soon as she heard someone had been planning it, she ran to the Sec of State's office to file papers one day before the REAL Effort did) and now this.

She is just dying to get her name in the papers.. to be recognized.. but she's a joke. I agree with Emiliano Z. I wish she'd go back to where ever she came from and stop interfering with real work.

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