Ron Reinstein, Former Superior Court Judge, Wins Big Honor in D.C.

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Ron Reinstein was one of the more respected Maricopa County Superior Court judges in his 22 years on the bench that ended with his 2007 retirement.

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Ron Reinstein--One of the good guys.

​The former major-felony prosecutor was known by most (hey, you can't be friends with everyone) as an eminently fair jurist who called it like he saw it.

We saw Reinstein at work in innumerable cases over the years, and we won't soon forget his unflinching respect for both victims (including family members) and criminal defendants.



It was the former that recently earned Judge Reinstein a big honor in Washington D.C. during National Crime Victims' Week.

He was one of a handful of folks from around the nation honored by the the U.S. Office for Victims of Crimes for "promoting victims' rights and honoring crime victims and those who advocate on their behalf."

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder presented the annual award to Reinstein, who currently is a judicial consultant to the Arizona Supreme Court, as well as a national expert on the intersection of forensic sciences (including DNA) and the criminal-justice system.

In a video shown at the presentation, Reinstein said, "It's extremely important that victims be given not only that voice in the system, but also at least the same rights that defendants have. And without that, I think we dishonor them and forget about the harm they've suffered."


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Did anyone read Anant Tripati's accusations against Reinstein?  Maybe RR quit just ahead of the indictment.  Then again, this is Arizona...and the only sin is to get caught by the media....which is really hard to do with any mainstream media here.  So sorry, I was in a fantasy world of "justice".

Susan Christine Knisely
Susan Christine Knisely


Trump card. International Criminal Court letter.

Can you explain to Judge Ron Reinstein that I called Assistant Attorney General Ronald Weich & Attorney General Eric Holder on this case and did not receive return calls. I fact they allowed for more crime to occur which suggestive evidence includes murder of innocent women and children. Many more crimes exist. Not all inclusive. 

 Real documents and a short movie clip. True Story.

Susan Christine Knisely BSN RNCritical Care & Emergency Room Registered NurseEditing Director, iGeometric Media Group.

Your World. Fix It.

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