Osama bin Laden's First Moments in Hell -- Complete With Multi-Pig Gang Rape, Compliments of Taiwanese Animation

Osama bin Laden meets his "72 virgins."
Next Media Animation, a Taiwanese a cartoon-video production company known for their famous takes on Tiger Woods' late-night fender bender and Chris Brown's Good Morning America freak-out, have released a video chronicling the death of Osama bin Laden all the way to his first moments in hell. It includes a multi-pig gang rape scene, and U.S. special forces soldiers pissing on Bin Laden's bullet-riddled body.

It's awesome -- check it out below (as we mentioned, it involves a multi-pig gang rape, so you may want to be careful if you plan to watch it at work or in front of kids).


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Powell Gammill
Powell Gammill

I guess we can't handle the truth...marked "private" now. Fuck I hate youtube!


That was some seriously funny shit. I wonder how Osama is enjoying Hell?

Johnny Young Gunz
Johnny Young Gunz

Gotta love those Asian animations and hentai. I wonder if they will make a video game of it? It might be fun.

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