Osama bin Laden Live Tweeting From Hell (Sorta) -- Which Could be Funny, but it's Not

As the U.S. government weighs whether to release photos of Osama bin Laden's bullet-riddled corpse to appease conspiracy theorists doubting his death is legit, the now-former public enemy number one is having a great time in hell -- at least that's what an uber-lame Twitter account celebrating his killing would have you believe.

Like the Cobra that escaped from the Bronx Zoo earlier this year, dead Bin Laden is "tweeting" up a storm after getting shot in the face by U.S. special forces (insert Team America "fuck yeah" here). But despite that the whole charade is intended to be a joke, none of the "tweets" are all that funny -- we didn't ROTFL, ROTFLOAO, or even LOL.
For example: "Al Capone just took 10% of my hell cash, WTF, that is a mean dude," @GhostOsama tweeted yesterday.

Then there's "busy with Hitler, Napoleon and friends plotting attack on Satan, Any special request from hell?"

@GhostOsama already has more than 40,000 followers just two days after live Osama met the business end of a Navy SEAL's rifle.

Of the dozens (yes, dozens) of tweets GhostObama has posted since the news of Bin Laden's death broke, only one has summoned even a chuckle.

"This sux, I have no more virgins! Thanks Wilt Chamberlin. Note to self: no more drinks with Jeffry Dahmer. Cant remember shit and my ass hurts."

See GhostOsama's 140-character nuggets of wisdom here.

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Jay-Dizzle Foshingledozzle
Jay-Dizzle Foshingledozzle

Yeah, whoever is behind the GhostOsama Tweets, seriously needs to take some humor, comedy and joke classes. Jerry Seinfield would make a good teacher. It sounds like some dumb teen stoner trying to be funny. But James King already had me "chuckle" with this article.

Layal Rabat
Layal Rabat

I tried to collect some jokes on my blog, but they fizzled out really quickly. Soon, we will be bored with the news before it even comes out.

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