Phoenix Republicans Snub Lone Democrat in Mayors Race; Candidate Greg Stanton Gets No Invite to Mayoral Forum

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Republicans don't want Democrats in their tree house.
Arizona Legislative District 11 Republicans hosted a mayoral forum last night, and former Councilman Greg Stanton didn't get an invite.

Former Councilwoman Peggy Neely, Phoenix lobbyist Wes Gullet, and the newest candidate in the race for Phoenix mayor, attorney Jennifer Wright, showed up to share their Republican philosophies with the Republican crowd.

Mattox, also a Republican, was a no-show.

Gretchen Pahia, a media representative for Mattox's mayoral campaign, said she received a phone call about the forum and asked the caller to e-mail her details about the event. She said she never received the e-mail.

Stanton says that if the tables were turned, and the Democrats hosted a forum, he would not participate if it excluded the Republican candidates.

"This is a non-partisan race," Stanton says. "All of the candidates have to face all the voters from Day 1."

Stanton would have held his own before the Republican audience considering that he represented North Central Phoenix, Ahwatukee, and Arcadia -- heavily Republican areas of Phoenix -- for nine years.

"Nobody ever asked me for my party registration card," he tells New Times. "The residents just knew that I would stand up and fight for their neighborhoods. In fact, I won my last election with 86 percent of the vote."

"I happen to be a Democrat, but I'm running based on my record of success as a city councilman and Deputy Attorney General," he says.

Randy Pullen, former chairman of the state's Republican party, tweeted through the forum.

The forum in a nutshell, as told through Pullen's tweets:

Peggy Neely says she was the only candidate for mayor who endorsed Governor Jan Brewer last year; she didn't vote to approve the city budget; and she voted against the food tax.

And Neely supports SB 1070.

[It shouldn't be surprising considering that she met with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio to get his endorsement in her race for mayor. She did not get the sheriff's endorsement.]

Gullett and Wright say they oppose spending money on light rail. Neely says most public transit systems lose money, and Phoenix needs to change how they manage it.

On pensions, Gullett says that the system needs reforming because it's a huge, unfunded liability.

Neely opposed SB 1322, which would have required local governments, namely Phoenix and Tucson, to seek competitive bids for certain city services had it not been vetoed by Governor Brewer.

Gullett and Wright were in favor of it.

On protecting neighborhoods, Gullett says he will work with neighborhood groups to minimize zoning changes. Wright says the city should not pick winners or losers and that developers must work with neighbors. Neely says that agreements should be worked out with neighbors before zoning issues are brought to city level.

The idea of picking "winners or losers" refers to the select subsidies that the city gives out -- such as the nearly $100 million CityNorth subsidy.

Mattox and Neely voted for that giveaway, and Stanton, the lone Democrat in the bunch, voted no.

"The CityNorth subsidy wasn't a Republican idea or Democrat idea. It was just a bad idea," Stanton says.

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why is stanton hinding. i recieved a big flyer from him in the mail, nowhere on that flyer did state that he was a democrat. hmmm

Voice of Reason?
Voice of Reason?

What a crock of @#$%... if the Demos held a forum and no GOPer was invited, it'd be a speech, not a forum.  And no candidate turns down a chance to talk to voters.  THIS IS WHAT I MEAN ABOUT POLITICIANS NEVER TELLING THE TRUTH.  (btw, shame on NEW TIMES for not calling him out on it... don't let the libs get away with anything... hold them to the same fire you hold to Arpaio, etc).


What do you expect?

DemMessage CenterAZ
DemMessage CenterAZ

I appreciate hearing Greg Stanton's positions on these issues so we can compare and contrast them to Neeley and Gullet's. It says a lot that Republicans are so fearful to hear other ideas that they can't even invite all the candidates to a debate for this NON PARTISAN office. Obviously electing Republicans is more important to this crowd than electing the best person.... or even hearing what the candidates have to offer. Sheesh.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

J, I see the article differently. The article is about a mayoral meeting held in a Republican stronghold without a strong Democrat candidate invited. I'm not surprised by this move in LD18, however.

I believe Ms. Alonzo was quoting the answers from Mr. Stanton since he wasn't given the opportunity to give those answers in person.

My thoughts, anyway.

J Bloom
J Bloom


This article is an advertorial. All you have to do is look at who is quoted in the article to know it was a way to get Greg free publicity. Greg just met with LD10 Democrats, why was the meeting with only Democrats? Were candidates from other parties invited to speak with this Democratic group? At this point Greg is the only candidate who could benefit by playing the partisan card.

I am not a republican and this is a non-partisan race. There are democratic voters supporting the other Candidates.

I am so disappointed with your biased rhetoric.

Your articles about the Mayoral race should always end – by Monica Alonzo, a Supporter Greg Stanton for Mayor so the readers know you’re a salesman, not a reporter.

J Bloom
J Bloom

I vote for the person I believe would do the best job for our city, Democrat or Republican.

This group has a mission: “To aide in the election of Republican candidates in Legislative District 11 and throughout Arizona.” There is nothing wrong with a group of people with a common interest inviting people with similar interests to join an event.

Greg has been using his affiliation with the Democratic Party openly; Greg has been sharing his ideas and plans with groups that wouldn’t open their doors to republican candidates and he wasn’t the only person missing from this event.

My comments today are more about Monica than Greg, she is not reporting, she is supporting. Take a look back and you’ll see a pattern of bias toward Greg.

DemMessage CenterAZ
DemMessage CenterAZ

If Greg spoke to the LD 10 Democrats, at least the event wasn't billed as a "Mayoral Forum." It would be as if Republicans held a presidential debate and only invited republican candidates... oh wait, that's exactly what Fock Snooze did!

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