Naked Meth-Head to Cops: I'm Lying Naked in Field to Feel "Closer to God"

Jose Juan Peralta feels closest to God while on meth and lying naked in a field.
​When most people want to get closer to God, they go to church. Not 36-year-old Juan Jose Peralta. According to police, he finds smoking meth, stripping down in a Mesa field, and exposing himself as the best way to get cozy with the creator.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Mesa police were called to a field near 500 East Nance Lane after a man reported seeing a naked guy "waving his arms wildly in the air" -- his genitals in full view of the victim and his 13-year-old son.

When police got to the scene, they found Peralta lying face down and completely naked in the empty field. He told cops he wanted his pants, which were in a nearby pile of clothing. The officers were happy to get Peralta his pants, and when they did, they found a pipe he'd been using to smoke meth in one of the pockets.

In addition to the pipe, the officers found a small baggy of meth stashed in one of Peralta's shoes.

After taking Peralta into custody, officers asked him the obvious question: Why the hell were you naked and lying in the middle of a field?

His response: "[I] wanted to feel closer to God and the Earth."

Peralta was booked into jail on one count of drug possession, one count of possession of drug paraphernalia, and two counts of felony indecent exposure.

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Rebel Yell
Rebel Yell

your suppose to be fucking a sexy lady all night long when your buzzed on crank. not hanging out in a field naked and getting busted by the fuzz. your really stupid man.


dirty hippie tweeker junkie. your an embarrassment to all real true hippies and long hairs.

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