MoMo Jones Departure From Arizona Basketball a Sad Day for Reporters

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We loved Lamont "MoMo" Jones and his critical role as a quasi-point guard on an exciting Arizona Wildcats men's basketball team that literally came an inch from a berth in the Final Four.
momo jones.jpg
MoMo Jones, we knew and liked ye
But we equally appreciated MoMo's goofy motormouth, which was extensively quoted by team beat writers and others during his freshman and sophomore seasons.
All of this came to mind today as Coach Sean Miller confirmed that MoMo, a tough kid from New York City, was transferring to an undecided school because of "family reasons."

We're not sure if those "reasons" include the expected enrollment this fall of two highly touted point guards who may have stolen some of MoMo's minutes. But we do know this: MoMo is a fierce competitor with a knack for the dramatic, a blessing or a curse for teammates, coaches and fans.
And he truly is a helluva quote, as you can read right here, courtesy of a nice aggregation this morning by Arizona Daily Star beat writer Patrick Finley.
Good luck, MoMo.
Maybe St. John's University, back in your hometown, and its fine head coach Steve Lavin will welcome you with open arms. 

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Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

I don't think he can play right away can he?     Isn't there some kind of waiting penalty to keep people from transfering back and forth to schools in order to improve their playing time and possible future draft selection?    Why don't you have a poll and then we'd know the real reason why he left?   How's this...Why no mo' MoMo?    Because what we think determines reality.    And in reality he'll sit out a year for leaving.

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